20 SEO Tips to Improve Your Rankings

Here is a handy guide of guaranteed SEO tips to implement for your business. Start ranking and attracting traffic to your website or business today using SEO!

SEO is a common concern for anyone managing a website and running an online business.

With so many rules surrounding optimization, is guaranteed SEO possible?

We put together these tips so you can apply them and improve your website traffic. Let’s get on with it.

1. Perform an SEO Site Audit

Before you can determine how to start improving your SEO, you should measure your website’s SEO performance.

This report will allow you to understand the things you’re doing right, and you can make a plan for the things that need improvement.

2. Improve Engagement

It’s not clear whether guaranteed SEO is linked to website engagement, but there’s evidence that suggests it is.

Your SEO will be improved if your site gets more visitors and direct engagement. Your visitors should spend time on your site in order for it to count.

3. Understand Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics so you can understand the traffic patterns on your site. Website analytics links back to improving engagement.

When you understand how people are spending their time on your site, you can make specific improvements.

4. Improve Post Format

Post formatting is essential for guaranteed SEO. The right formatting can increase your site’s readability.

The best way to do it is by adding sub-headers because readers like to scan the content. Make sure you also make your paragraphs and sentences short.

5. Understand Bounce Rate

When someone visits your site and doesn’t have a positive experience, they might leave right away. This affects your bounce rate.

You want to make sure you fix any faulty links and other factors to ensure the visitor spends more time.

6. Focus on Local SEO

As a business, you want to target customers in your area. In order to do this, you need to focus on local SEO.

In your meta description and keywords, you should add your location. For example, Family dentistry in Northern Phoenix.

7. Google My Business

In order to maximize local SEO, you should claim your business on Google. This process is free and easy to do.

Make sure your business name, phone number, and address match on both your website and Google.

8. Optimize Images

Make sure when you optimize images, these are related to the content of the article. Rename this image file the proper name so it relates back to the text.

Make sure the image is the right file size and the caption and meta description is embedded with your keyword.

9. Improve Your Website Speed

Google uses site speed as a factor in SEO ranking. If your site doesn’t load fast enough you will lose visitors.

In order to score well, your site should load in 3 seconds or less.

10. Optimize Voice Search

Typed keywords tend to be robotic. You might use as keywords “best Chicago pizza” but this isn’t the way people speak.

When people use voice search, they might say instead, “what are the best pizza restaurants in Chicago?” By adding voice search optimization, you improve your chances.

11. Video SEO

When your site includes videos, it’s important to make sure they’re SEO friendly.

All of your video files should be named the correct name just like images. In the title and description of the video, you should include the SEO keyword.

12. Keyword Research

Everyone who is familiar with SEO knows the importance of keywords. Before you decide on which keywords to implement in your posts, you should do some research.

The keywords you use should relate to your target audience so they are more likely to be searched. You also don’t want to have similar keywords to your competitors.

13. Understand Backlinks

Google takes your use of backlinks into account for your SEO score. Properly integrated backlinks add to your optimization value.

Make sure you use only backlinks that relate to your content and have substance.

14. Add Internal Linking

Internal links that go from one page of your site to another increase value to your SEO score.

When a visitor clicks on internal links, it also improves your bounce rate because they spend more time on your site.

15. Optimize Home Page

Give an explanation of what your website is about when you optimize the homepage.

You can add in the keywords as part of the websites mission statement or about us section.

16. Mobile-Friendly Website

Almost 60 percent of all searches are conducted using mobile devices. If your site is not mobile supported, you could be missing out on improving your SEO.

Users will spend more time searching and engaging in using their mobile phones because it’s easily accessible.

17. Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content has a higher chance of staying in the search engine radars than current events.

When you produce content, aim for a combination of both. The current material will help you stay relevant at the moment.

18. Optimize Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions tell the searcher what your page is about. Optimize these with precise details and call to actions to get people to click through.

19. Don’t Over-Optimize

As with everything you do, sometimes less is more. If you over-optimize your content it will have the opposite effect on your SEO scores.

If you begin jamming in keywords that are not relevant to your topics, Google will see it as a red flag.

Overdoing backlinks and internal links without substance are also considered over-optimizing.

20. Keep Up With SEO News

Guaranteed SEO is not possible unless you keep up with the industry news. Make sure you do your research to stay on top of all the best practices.

Also, you should read Google’s terms and conditions for bloggers and website owners. It is important to follow search engine rules to avoid poor SEO scores.

Guaranteed SEO Takeaways

We hoped you learned new things from these 20 tips and you’re ready to make some improvements.

Remember to apply the ones that will help your business the most: don’t overdo it.

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