Color of the Web: Purple

Today we start a series of posts called color of the web in which we will feature a different color every week along with a lot of web design inspiration. Starting out with the color purple, here you will see some purple color paletts and 20 great purple websites.

Purple is not close to being one of the most used colors of the web, that’s the reason why purple websites get an extra attention when they come around. We automatically recognize that as being something different, and that’s what a lot of designers seek when they use the color purple, in order stand out from the crowed as everyone else is stuck on the basic colors.

In human color psychology, purple is also associated with royalty and nobility which makes a purple website very elegant if well designed.

Here you can see our showcase of purple web designs:



2. Good Bytes

3. Dale Harris

4.Mariusz Ciesla

5. Purple Raincloud


7. Alex Prado

8. Marcelo Tebet

9. Purple Sue

10. Corporate Image

11. My Go Locker

12.HRC Studio

13.Henry Hoffman

14. Many Velvet Elephants



17.The Girlie Girl Army

18.Web Dever

19. Avant Grape

20. Forte