The Guerrilla – Lead Nurture Service

Nature Vs. Nurture. We’ll give you the answer…It’s Nurture.

Lead Nurturing Services for your Business

Lead nurturing is one of the ways that your business can convert potential customers/clients into paying customers by ensuring that your brand, content and messaging is always at the forefront of their minds. When this process is automated it ensures that you have a consistent sales rep providing your customers with valuable information throughout the buying cycle. Your customers purchasing decisions can take weeks, months or worst case scenario; years. It’s essential that you nurture these leads over that entire period of time.

Let us help persuade your¬†potential customers into dropping the “potential.”¬†

Here’s how we do it

  • Create value add intelligent emails
  • Create a proprietary distribution schedule
  • Tailor the campaign to fit your target customer(s)
  • Set up the emails to trigger when your customers are interested


Give us a thorough description of your business and the site you want to add the email nurturing campaign to, including your buyer personas, services/products, and competition.


We go through a staggering amount of research to come up with a plan of attack that no one else in your industry is thinking of. We’ll provide more value to your customers; guaranteed.


Sit back and let us create your campaign from start to finish. We’ll create the content, link the account up, and even design the forms. We can do everything while you focus on what matters; growing your business.

Why choose our lead nurturing service?

We make email marketing easy for you. Email is one of the most effective channels for reaching customers because it allows you to directly communicate with individuals who are already showing interest. Think of it like retargeting ads on steroids. We’ll help you create campaigns that are tailored perfectly to the leads you want to generate. Instead of sending the same boring monthly newsletter, why don’t you let us keep your customers engaged with content that they actually want to read?

*Note, we will apply a 10% discount to every campaign you set up after the first one. This is especially beneficial if you have multiple products/services/buyer personas.

Lead Nurturing Packages


Campaign Strategy
Form Design & Implementation
Email Copywriting
On-demand reporting
4 Value-add emails with content


Campaign Strategy
Form Design & Implementation
Email Copywriting
On-demand reporting
6 Value-add emails with content


Campaign Strategy
Form Design & Implementation
Email Copywriting
On-demand reporting
8 Value-add emails with content

How does email nurturing work?

Lifecycle email marketing is a vital part of a lead nurturing strategy. Most customer lifecycles start with a discovery phase (comparing you and your competition). For the customers that don’t purchase from you right away, we catch them in this funnel and gradually turn them into your companies raving fans.

With our advanced strategy, we position your company as the authority figure in the space. We stagger emails over a series of months to ever so slightly familiarize your potential customers with your product or service until the only logical choice is to buy from you.