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Culture, Team and Lifetime Friendships

At its core, The Guerrilla is an SEO and digital marketing agency. We chose the term “Guerrilla” because we help our customers promote their products or services by using our high energy communication skills and personable memorable writing and techniques.

Relationship Focused – Guaranteed Results

When we started The Guerrilla Agency, we noticed that there were dozens of marketing agencies that weren’t producing the results that their clients wanted. On top of that, most marketing agencies don’t operate on our two core principles – communication & trust. At The Guerrilla Agency, you can have our word that we’ll go out of our way to ensure that our communication is on point and all expectations are met and exceeded upon.




AJ Silber

Lead Visionary / Business Development

AJ had the entrepreneur gene long before it became a trend. After getting his degree in entrepreneurial studies at the University of St. Thomas. He started his own agency, The Launch. This was the seed that eventually sprouted into The Guerrilla Agency. There’s nothing AJ loves more than creating results for a client, as he sees his own entrepreneurial spirit in our clients, and strives to make his success theirs as well.


Kirk Mccamish

Project Manager / Video Production Specialist

Our project manager, Kirk, got his start in mastering efficiencies by producing and directing a wide variety of commercials, corporate videos, and broadcast television. Over the years he worked his way up to Director of Media Productions for the 5th largest mortgage company in the country. After six years in Philly, he decided it was time to move back home to the land of lakes and became a part of something special here at The Guerrilla Agency.

Ben Hocking

SEO Director

Ben brings a decade of SEO expertise to the team and a deep passion for all aspects of modern Organic Search success. He loves how SEO combines his creative, analytical, and technical interests and how there’s always more to learn and ways to do better for our clients. From the high-level strategy to executing highly technical tactics, Ben loves using SEO as a way to help clients grow their businesses.

Sam Calcagno

Creative Director

As our creative director, Sam brings conception to reality with your preferences at the forefront of his process. His extensive writing career spring-boarded his love for alternative content avenues such as photo, video, and even the occasional meme. Through years of freelance and agency experience, along with HubSpot’s content academy, he is constantly improving his craft through intrigue and continuing education.

Jennifer Holly

Content Strategist

Jenny, brings a breadth of experience writing in an array of markets some of which including blogging, copywriting, technical, social media, publishing, and manuscript review. Her writing experience is portrayed in her ability to mold easily to brand voices and continuous drive to grow creatively. She enjoys finding innovative approaches to projects that may not otherwise be seen and is always looking for the next way to continue strengthening her technique.

Thaddaeus Gardner

SEO Specialist

Since 1996, Thaddaeus has been obsessed with computers and technology. His technical mindset gives him the ability to adapt and solve complex problems. This obsession transfers over to his career. He’s not afraid to put in the hours to get the job done right and always strives for the best possible result. His vision for the company and focus on growth for our clients continue to make him a valuable asset here at Guerilla.

Julieanna Smith

Content Writer

Julieanna enjoys writing to solve problems. Whether its targeting SEO keywords or representing a client’s brand, she sees words as building blocks. After graduating from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, she’s continues to refine her process and is always in the market to learn more.

Chelsea Hoglund

WordPress Developer

Chelsea has been entrenched in custom code for over a decade, delivering interactive users experiences across the web. Her keen eye for detail and inventive approach to development and making the impossible happen, makes her an invaluable member of the team. Building her education at St. Kate University and the University of Saint Thomas in Web Development, Chelsea is a force behind any keyboard, delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Maggie Johnson

Content Writer

Maggie is a creative writer, blogger, and social media specialist. She is passionate about art and travel, finding beauty in the ordinary, and connecting with people around the globe. Maggie has lived in Florence and Rome but currently resides in Saint Paul. She studied Interior Design at the University of Minnesota then began pursuing more opportunities in creative writing, which is what she is most passionate about. Maggie is excited to help clients find their unique voice and share their vision with the world.

Joe Roueche

Jr. Account Manager

Joe is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where he studied Business and Marketing Education, with a minor in Leadership. He draws on his human-centered education and experience working for multiple Fortune 500 firms to bring a unique perspective to his work. Joe is driven by empathy, curiosity, attention to detail and an eagerness to collaborate. As Junior Account Manager, he assists in maintaining and enriching the relationships we have with our clients. In his spare time, Joe enjoys reading about psychology and the human condition, going to the gym, and staying active with recreational sports.

Naomi Haag

Content Writer

Naomi is a life-long creative who brings eclectic experiences into her content writing. After receiving her degree in Acting from Viterbo University, she spent many years in the live events and entertainment industry where she gained the edge of true empathy with an audience. Naomi is passionate about helping brands reach their full potential through the content she writes. In addition to content writing, Naomi is a published poet and slam poetry competitor. You can find her photographing portraits, listening to live jazz, or eating chocolate ice cream.

Sierra Schermerhorn

Content Writer

Sierra is a content writer with a genuine curiosity about the world and how it works. She brings this passion and attention to detail into every project she writes. After graduating from Viterbo University with her Acting degree, Sierra moved to the cities where she worked extensively with commercial copy as well as content creation. As a result, she brings a unique perspective to writing that targets customer engagement by playing to her client’s many strengths.
In her spare time, Sierra enjoys learning new languages, traveling, and playing a mean game of cribbage.
Brandt Tharp

Brandt Tharp

SEO Analyst

Brandt’s obsession with search engines developed at a young age. Naturally curious, he spent countless hours of his childhood searching for the answers to every question that popped into his head. After graduating from The University of Minnesota: Twin Cities, he began a career in digital marketing that has seen him in various roles. These days, Brandt combines his SEO knowledge with his experience in content strategy, copywriting, and project management to find the best possible solutions to digital marketing challenges.



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Circa 2010

Clayton Owned Clayton Johnson

Clayton started his journey into digital marketing over a decade ago by launching Clayton Johnson, a premier SEO/strategist firm. 

Circa 2017

AJ Owned The Launch Agency

AJ had worked as a freelancer prior to starting The Launch Agency. At the time The Launch specialized in helping small to medium-sized businesses with all things digital. 

Circa 2017

AJ & Clayton Met

When Clayton & AJ met, magic was in the air and sparks flew! Clayton and AJ collaborated many times and helped each other grow in business and as individuals. 

Circa 2019

The Guerrilla Agency is Born

Fast forward a few years and Clayton & AJ partnered up. Since then, Clayton’s been setting them up and AJ’s been knocking them down and The Guerrilla Agency has grown over 200% in the process. 

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