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Grow your business by utilizing video.

See why we’re the number one choice video production agency and how we can help plan, shoot and market your video project.

Relationship Focused – Guaranteed Results

We strive to create collaborative, meaningful, and long term relationships. We pride ourselves on being creative, results driven, and to be the best possible value for our clients. This why we can offer guaranteed results. We’re here to help your business and revenues grow. 


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What makes us different?



We’ve been helping companies come up with video marketing for a combined decade. We’ve seen the pitfalls of partnering with the wrong agency and watched many businesses fail in that process. We’re here to be a better agency for you, our partners.



We don’t just shoot a video willy nilly, we use a customer-centered approach to developing our videos. We take your vision and goals and craft them into something beautiful that your customers will love.

Customers First

Most video production companies do a great job of creating a professional looking video but can fall short when it comes to creating an effective video marketing strategy. We create targeted strategies, so your video content speaks to the right audience in the right way through the proper channels.

Video Case Study: Educational Content that Converts

Billet Proof Designs was established in 2005 to provide the best, most affordable motorcycle parts and customer service on the market. Billet needed some educational videos for their custom parts, and The Guerrilla Agency was here to overdeliver. 


Demo Reel

Other Kick-Ass Video Examples

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Video Project

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Visitation School

Video Project

Spero Academy

Video Project


Most video production teams can only do that; product video. Our in-house marketing team can strategize the necessary steps to getting your video seen by the masses. Video has substantially higher click-through rates than plain text and can establish more trust with your audieance than any other medium. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on shooting a video only to have it be on the 3rd page of Google or the 5th page of YouTube.

Landing Pages

Utilizing video on your landing pages is the number one way to increase dwell time and increase trust with your target audience.


Let our technical SEO experts help get more visibility on your YouTube videos. We can ensure page one quality and results.

Search Results

People are out there searching how-to videos for your products or services. Let’s ensure that you’ve got some engaging video on the first page of Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our day rates start at $1,000 and we have a “bottom line” pricing model. Whatever budget we agree to is the production agreement for the project. No hidden fee’s. Ever.

You can come to us with a fully fleshed out script or just an idea; that’s all we really need to get started.

We recommend using a teleprompter for direct to camera scripted videos and we’ll bring one along to those shoots. Otherwise, we want to make your videos seem as natural as possible.

A typical production day is 8-10 hours long.

Depending on the time of year and what you’re shooting, you can use a variety of shot locations in the project. We’ll just need to take into consideration the subject matter, whether conditions and other environmental issues that may arise.

Of course, you can! We’ve got the equipment for any and all shoot locations.

You may not need a professional hair and makeup artist if this going to be a short production (under 30 seconds) that you’re planning on posting to YouTube. However, if you’re planning on this video being front and center (on your website/media kit) you’ll want everyone looking their best.

Our typical crew is anywhere from 4-6 people. We’ll have a producer/director, director of photography, sound technician and a production assistant.

We usually ask that our travel accommodations be taken care of. E.G. we don’t charge for hours of travel, just flight, and hotel costs.

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