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Relationship Focused – Guaranteed Results

In today’s landscape, most marketing agencies are overpromising deliverables and underdelivering results.
The Guerrilla Agency was born out of the need to change that. We’re on a mission to re-establish your trust in a marketing partner by always putting the needs of our clients ahead of our bottom line.
The only thing that’s important to our agency is your success. That’s how we’re able to guarantee results. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that your marketing dreams become a reality. We’re a different kind of agency. Contact us today to learn more about our great team, super effective SEO services, and everything we can do to help you succeed online.


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What Makes Us Different?



We’ve spent the better part of a decade perfecting our professional SEO services until they produced insanely measurable, predictable results. Our services are specifically designed to drive website growth, convert more customers, and fill your sales pipeline.



Every one of our SEO services has your business goals in mind. We’ll start out with a discussion around the metrics that matter to you and your team, and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure we’re making steady progress to hit them. Call us today to talk through your goals.

Customers First

You’re not just another client to us. We truly care about our customers and their businesses and we pride ourselves in providing great communication, flexibility, and integrity. At TGA we can guarantee that you’ll love working with us and because of that, we can guarantee results.

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Every business is unique and we’d love the opportunity to take a look at your website and send over a custom quote! While we have simplified our pricing model into easy to understand packages, we’d like to help guide you to the package that’s most suited for your business based on your competition, industry, and needs. Please fill in the form below or call us today! (612) 540-0187

Case Study: 1,000% Increase in Online Sales

The Packaging Lab contacted us at the end of 2019. They were having some trouble with their current agencies’ communication, deliverables, and results. The Packaging Lab was promised content marketing, on-page optimization, SEO strategy work, and a host of off-page SEO strategies. What they got was a monthly retainer bill and nothing to show for it! When the started working with us we began with a quick site audit, on-page SEO, content marketing, and backlink building. Fast forward a few short months and The Packaging Lab saw their first high quality order at 30,000 packages! We’d love for you to read more about the case study below!

SEO Services Designed for You

We’ve spent a great deal of time simplifying our pricing models and strategies to make it easier for our customers to work with us. While we’ve simplified our pricing models into easy to understand packages, we haven’t simplified the deliverables your get from our SEO services. We take a custom, ground-up approach to every campaign that we work on. No two companies are the same, so why should your SEO strategies? Furthermore, we’ll ensure that you completely understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it on a month to month basis. You’ll also get a monthly organic search report that outlines what we’ve done, what we’re doing to do, and the results from our work. Finally, we’ll ensure that you get one account manager, a dedicated content writer, and an SEO specialist who NEVER change. We want to make you feel as special as the business you’re building. Contact us today to get a free search engine optimization consultation on your site!

Our SEO Process

SEO Services

We Deliver Proven SEO Results

All of our digital marketing services are custom built for each client we work with. We’ll start by measuring your current visibility, content strategies, and rankings. From there, we’ll do a deep dive into your organization’s goals and vision on where you’d like to be on search. After we completely understand what matters to you, we’ll get down to work. 

Our SEO strategy work is guaranteed to delight your customers and search engines. In a few short months you should start to see increased keyword rankings, sales and leads. Finally, we’ll create detailed reporting of everything we’ve done, what we’re going to do, and why. At the end of the day we’ll be focused on your bottom line the entire time ensuring our worth every step of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a digital marketing tactic in which an SEO optimizer works to get a website to rank higher in search. SEO is commonly used as a blanket term to encompass a wide variety of tactics and services that include technical SEO, quality content writing, SEO audits, target keywords, link building, and other optimization techniques. However, it’s not just about the tactics used, it’s about who’s using them.  When you’re searching SEO agencies, make sure that they have the strategies and track record of success. Improper use of the techniques listed above can do much more harm than good! Call us today if you’d like an audit of your current process and to see where we can help!

Most search engine optimization firms claim that they can run a well thought out SEO campaign, but few can back it up with the right knowledge and expertise to increase your search rankings. Furthermore, most agencies are going to hand your SEO campaign off to one of their Jr. marketers. In this case, you’ll see little to no SEO progress. At TGA we have a seasoned SEO that’s battle wounds reflect in the new opportunities our clients see daily. Clayton Johnson is one of the founders of The Guerrilla Agency and works on every single campaign and campaign strategy here. Because of Clayton’s track record and expertise, we can guarantee SEO results.

If you’re currently performing digital marketing for your business but you’re not doing SEO, we recommend making the switch or adding it to the mix as soon as possible. SEO is going to be your best bet for website traffic growth and long term website and business revenue. Over time you’ll see continued improvements in your keyword rankings, SERP positions, conversion rates, and leads which will lead to more sales and growth of your business. Furthermore, SEO services should be seen as a foundational component to accomplish some of your more grander marketing and business goals.

There are a lot of variables that go into our search engine optimization services. We’ll need to uncover what type of business you’re operating, what industry you’re in, and where. We’ll also need to take into account the current state of your website. E.G., you could be a criminal defense attorney in NYC that’s been doing SEO for years and is already ranking well OR you could be a local plumber who just launched their website. The bottom line is that we usually see an increase in search traffic in as little as two months.

There are several variables that go into the pricing of our services. We need to understand what your current online presence is, where you’re currently ranking on Google search,, what business/area you’re in, and more. We definitely don’t offer the cheapest services out of our local or national competitors, but we do offer the most value for your marketing dollars. Our SEO services start at $2,500/month for a local/regional campaign and they can go up from there for a more national SEO approach.

More often than not, after an SEO audit we usually need to modify and add additional landing pages to a website. In order to attract your target customers we may need to change your current URL structure and build out these additional web pages in order to rank for unique keywords on that page. What’s great about this approach though, is that it usually lends itself to great user experience, and it helps with conversions. E.G., let’s say you offer landscaping services, but you also offer lawn care, snow removal services, etc. If someone was searching for landscaping on search engines, we’d much rather send them to a dedicated landing page then your home page. These targeted pages are going to convert customers better than sending traffic to your home page.

Of course, we’re building backlinks, how else do you think we got our site to rank around the nation for SEO services? Through experimentation and years of testing, we’ve learned that Backlinks are one of Google’s most significant ranking factors. Link development helps build authority to a website and is a crucial part of how we’re able to get websites to rank higher in search engines. Consider each link we get as a vote for your website. The more votes you get, the more authority your site has. Once we’ve built that authority up, it will start ranking keywords above your competitors. Links are the lifeblood of the search engine optimization services we offer and we can’t wait to show you how our in-house team is the best at building relevant, authoritative links to your website.

YES. We do keyword research. There are several ways that we’ll start the keyword research process for your website. First, we’ll make sure that we have a thorough understanding of your products or services. Next, we’ll dig into your business industry, location, and competition to understand what we’re able to rank for and what makes the most sense with where your website is currently ranking at. After we’ve done the research we hand it off to our copy team to ensure title tags, URL’s and the rest of the copy is perfectly optimized using SEO best practices.

YES. SEO will help increase the leads to your website. SEO services work by increasing the keywords that your website ranks for. When your website ranks higher than your competitors in search, you’ll start to see more web clicks, leads, and sales to your website. When you’re working with TGA, we’ll stop at nothing to ensure that your website content stands out so that when customers land on your site from your high ranking search results, they’re more likely to convert. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win?

We get this question all the time, it really comes down to traffic source and CTR. E.G., when you’re looking at your analytics you’ll see organic, social media, direct, etc. Website visits coming from advertisements on search engines is paid traffic. E.G., you have to pay for placements on those search engines. Paid traffic usually has a CTR of around 3%. Meaning that for every 100 impressions you’d get 3 website visitors. Organic traffic however, is free traffic. When search engines decide what your website should rank for you’ll automatically get organic traffic from searchers around the world. Organic site visits also have a much higher click-through rate at 30%! Think about it, don’t you skip past the ads and go straight to the organic results? However, SEO and PPC can work great in combination taking up a larger search real estate and giving your target audience all the more reason to purchase from you!

Shouldn’t this be one of your main marketing goals (an ROI on your marketing efforts)? At TGA we’ll work with your internal team to uncover the ROI metrics that are important to your business and ensure that our SEO campaign is delivering a positive ROI. SEO should be viewed as the backbone of the website strategy for your business. SEO not only has a direct ROI but also an indirect one because it can help your other marketing channels. At the end of the day, we usually see a 10x return on investment in terms of SEO. The higher you rank in Google, the more the ROI!

All of the SEO work we’re going to do for your business is in-house at our office in downtown Minneapolis. We’re of the mindset that when you’re outsourcing your SEO work, you don’t have full control over the quality of the product. We’ve found that content writing, website search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, link building, email marketing, etc. is easy to do with a kick-ass in-house team. This way, we’re also able to push our team to the limit to increase deliverables for your campaign and boost digital marketing numbers in the process.

Essentially, Google is the internet. Google has been around since almost the beginning of the internet and Google holds the spot as the world’s largest search engine with over 86% market share. Basically, more people are searching on Google which makes it the best place to increase rankings.

When you’re working with a local search engine optimizer, they will most likely be focusing on getting your website to rank in your specific geographical area. When our SEO team is running a local search campaign, we usually work on page speed updates, Google My Business, local search engine guidelines, local keyword analysis around search volume, and brand awareness locally. When you’re talking about a national SEO campaign, we usually dial everything up to 11. Specifically, link building. In order to get your website to rank nationally, you’ll need a huge boost in website authority through link building. More often then not, national SEO campaigns throughout the United States correlate with national firms.

Instant results: When you enlist the help of an SEO agency and they promise instant results, you should run. SEO can take up to several months before you see an improvement in Google search rankings. If someone is promising instant results they either don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re ripping you off.

A lot of links: Link building can be very capital intensive for an agency, and it’s more about the quality than the quantity. One good link from a quality SEO firm can be worth 100 buy links now you’d find on Fiverr. If you’re spending less than $250 per link, I’d be very wary of the quality.

Cheap SEO Packages: We’re one of the best SEO firms in the nation and we stopped offering SEO packages under $2,500/month because we found it tough to get great results for our clients for less than that. When you’re working with a professional SEO agency, you’re getting link building, content creation, content editing, press release writing, content writing, technical SEO, and more on a month to month basis. SEO requires a lot of deliverables to move the needle, If an agency is doing all of the above on the cheap, you’re probably getting what you pay for.

One-off SEO: If you come across a firm that’s offering to optimize your website once and a few months from now it’s going to rank…run. SEO is a long term investment in the health of your website and company. Furthermore, SEO isn’t a one-off service, it’s something that compounds on itself over time, and only after months of ongoing work are you going to see results.

They don’t do in-depth keyword research: If you’re working with an SEO expert on your SEO campaign that isn’t doing in-depth keyword research, that’s a huge red flag. Your website needs additional landing pages to rank. Those landing pages need competitive based keyword research to get your site to rank higher in search results. Boom.

They aren’t focusing on business goals: If you’re working with an agency that isn’t focusing on your overarching business goals, that’s not a great sign. Most agencies stay away from business goals because they’re too hard to track, or they don’t know what it takes to move the needle. Most business goals revolve around leads, sales, and ROI. At TGA, we focus on the business goals that matter to your organization and work off a mindset where the business comes first, and marketing comes second.

They don’t do content writing in-house: Most agencies outsource their content writing overseas. It’s a cheap way to get content written for a client site. The problem is, it’s terrible for your site and customers. Poor content throughout your site can be bad for SEO, and if there are a ton of misspellings, bad for business. We do all of our copyrighting in-house, so all the content we write for your site will be too.

They don’t have true SEO specialists: When you’re considering enlisting the help of an SEO to increase your search engine rankings there are a lot of options. Make sure that whatever SEO company you choose, they’re able to show you SEO success metrics from past clients.

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