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We create partnerships that last, and like any good partnership, we put the needs of our partners ahead of our own needs. A lot of agencies work on billable hours; we work on results. The only thing that’s important to us is your vision and goals, and we’ll stop at nothing to achieve them. That’s why we can offer guaranteed results. We deliver what we say we will, and if we don’t, we work tirelessly until we do. We’ll be here for you when your other agency falls short.


Average Increase in Organic Traffic


Average Increase in Lead Generation


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What makes us different?



Our team uses modern SEO practices, backed by decades of experience to increase your traffic, rankings and ultimately, leads and sales. SEO is one of the best solutions to drive more traffic through your funnel.



We work backward from your SEO goals to the strategies we need to achieve them. You want an increase in inbound leads? Check. You want to build brand awareness; we can do that too. An effective SEO program should have your end goals in mind.


Customers First

We use a customer-centered approach to building strategic campaigns. We’ve got a proven process that will drive the right kind of traffic to your website and convert them once they’re there.

SEO Case Study: 400% Increase in Organic Traffic

Satellite industries is one of the leading innovators in the portable sanitation industry with almost 75% of the market share, however, their competitors were outranking them on search, and leaving Satellite frustrated. Over the course of two short years, The Guerrilla Agency was able to increase their organic traffic by over 400%!





We’ve taken the best of both world’s and combined SEO and video to create a synergistic unstoppable content powerhouse. Video is very accessible, easy to consume and is bar none when it comes to engaging your target audience. Not to mention video’s have a 41% higher click through rate in comparison to plain text, and have higher conversion rates and ROI on top of that.

Landing Pages

We implore you to consider adding a video to your landing pages. Video can help your landing page optimization by increasing trust, engagement and dwell time.


YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google. SEO can help your YouTube videos by making sure that they’re found over your competitors.

Search Results

Organic results already have an enormous ROI in comparison to paid. Let’s make sure that when someone searches your company info, they find some of your engaging videos too.


Frequently Asked Questions

We work with a wide variety of clients ranging from funded startups to enterprise level 300 lb gorillas and our value-based pricing model reflects that. As a rule of thumb, our packages start at $2,000/month.

We don’t have a contract. However, we’d like you to stick it out for three months to start seeing the benefits of our SEO campaigns. From there, if you’re not seeing your web metrics increase, feel free to cancel at any time.

Regular blogging is an essential element to get your site ranking ahead of your competitors. Blogging builds your site relevance and allows you to get in front of your customers on every level of the buying process. If you don’t want us to write the content, we’ll at least help with a content strategy that your internal team can execute on.

We’ve written content in almost every niche that you can think of and our clients love our technical writing skills. If you have any specific questions about your niche (or want to see some samples) please reach out!

Our clients usually see an increase in their organic traffic around the three-month mark. However, we implore you to view SEO as an investment, not a one-off campaign. Investing in SEO for the long term is an investment in the long term health of your business.

In the same way you’d listen to your doctor for advice on health and wellness; you’re going to want to listen to an SEO expert for the health and wellness of your search rankings.

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