Dentist SEO

Dental SEO can transform your website into a lead generating machine.

Going to dental school was hard. Starting your own practice was even harder and don’t get us started about getting more patients! Stop worrying about getting new business, we’ll take it from here.

Relationship Focused – Guaranteed Results

We strive to build partnerships that last and we always put the needs of our partners ahead of our own needs. We push the boundaries of the word “partnership” and work synergistically with your team to accomplish your business goals. For those reasons we can guarantee results. We’ll work around the clock to ensure your dental services are seen by as many potential patients as possible and we’ll do whatever it takes to get there (including spending the entirety of the monthly budget if we have to). We’ve built our business on long term partners and we can’t wait to make you one of them!


Average Increase in Organic Traffic


Average Increase in Lead Generation


Increase in CTR and Conversions


Partnerships Built

What makes us different?



Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your dentist office. The Guerrilla Agency has decades of experience in dental SEO and we’ll use the most modern SEO practices to help rank your website higher in search results. We’ve weathered all the algorithm updates and your competition won’t know what hit them!



We don’t just focus on your website/leads goals, we focus on your business goals as well. What’s it going to take to bring your dental practice to the next level? Are you looking to increase your inbound leads or are you looking to set your practice up for a sale? We’ll work backward from your goals and create an effective SEO campaign to accomplish them.

Customers First

A lot of SEO agencies promise you the world only to fall short three months into the campaign. At The Guerrilla Agency, we make sure you know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. Not to mention we offer bi-monthly reporting on the metrics that matter. We believe in putting your needs as our customer above our own needs.

SEO Case Study: Rochester Dental Practice See’s Double Traffic

Calcagno Family Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the leading cosmetic practices in Rochester, MN. When The Calcagno family came to us they weren’t showing up well in search results. Also, they were using an SEO that wasn’t reporting back to them, so they didn’t know where they were or what they were getting monthly. Once they started working with us we immediately did an audit only to discover they were wasting their hard earned money on a company that wasn’t doing much monthly. Over the course of a few short months, The Guerrilla Agency was able to increase their organic traffic by over 400%!



The Guerrilla Agency is a full stack marketing company, which means we’ve got everything you need in-house! We’ve combined the best of both worlds with SEO and video production. Video is extremely accessible and easy to consume so it’s the perfect medium to attract customers to your website. Video is the perfect content source and SEO helps get video views. We could film a virtual tour of your dentist office or we could get some real life testimonials. It’s all possible with video marketing and SEO.

Landing Pages

When someone lands on your website there’s not a better user experience than video. Adding video to your landing pages can help optimize them through dwell time, engagement and trust. We’ve seen a 30% increase in contact form fills on the landing pages we’ve added video to.


YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google. YouTube can be a perfect platform to show off your skills as a dentist! We can add your video content to YouTube and make sure it gets seen using cutting edge SEO tactics.

Search Results

SEO already has an amazing ROI compared to paid marketing strategies. Why not get some of your amazing videos to the first page of Google? When someone is searching for “dentist + your area” we want to take up more search real estate by having video on the first page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dental SEO is just like any other form of SEO, but specifically for dentists! Dental SEO is the combination of various tactics used to help rank your practice higher in SERPs. Most SEO agencies utilize content marketing, web targeting and link building.

Every SEO agency states that they can get your practice results, but we’re one of the few with tried and true methods to back up our lofty claims. A SEO agency is only as good as the SEO strategist leading the team. Our team is lead by Clayton Johnson. Clayton is one of the brightest SEO minds in the business and always has his fingers on the pulse of the SEO industry researching the latest search tactics to your benefit.

We work with a wide variety of practices for search engine optimization. Some dental offices are national chains and others are local practices just starting out. As a rule of thumb our seo pricing starts at $2,000/month and goes up from there.

The short answer is YES! The long answer is SEO is one of the best marketing practices from an ROI perspective. We’ve seen a five times greater return on investment for SEO compared to paid strategies. SEO is a great idea for any company invested in the long term success of their marketing efforts.

At The Guerrilla Agency we don’t do long term contracts. All of our clients are on month to month contracts and our average client lifecycle is five years (the amount of time we’ve been in business). We don’t do long term contracts because we want clients to leave us if they’re not seeing value in our services, plain and simple.

In our opinion, the only way to get a good SEO product is by having all the work done in-house. When you outsource SEO work (oversees or otherwise) you can’t control the entire SEO process. Most of the time outsourced SEO work doesn’t meet deadlines and is of poor quality.

Regular blog posts are essential to the health of an SEO campaign. Blogging helps to build relevancy around your website and this relevance allows you to get in front of your customers throughout the buying funnel. If you don’t want The Guerrilla Agency to write content for your site, you can always write the content yourself and we’ll consult on it. This allows us to utilize budget in other areas to get better results.

SEO for dentists isn’t too hard to do. Normally our clients love our technical writing skills, however, if you prefer to write the content yourself we can always work that way too.

This a question we get all too often, and we get it, you want results and you want them now! However, we implore you to view search engine optimization as an investment. Everything in life (and business) that’s worth doing takes time to get results. On average it takes an SEO three months to see an uptick in traffic and six months to a year to see huge gains. Yes, that sounds like a long time, but how long are you planning on being in business?

Yes. We have a vast number of ways that we conduct and choose keywords for our clients websites. However, before we even get into keyword research we need to understand your business, who you’re targeting and why. You’ll start out by answering a few questions around your business model so we can decide which keywords we’re going to help you rank for.

SEO has a HUGE ROI compared to paid search or social media marketing. Together we can keep an eye on every aspect of your campaign and track users from search results all the way to your contact forms. If you have a normal marketing site (which most dental practices do) we can track contact form submissions and leads to your practice. with Google Analytics. We’ll work with your team to discover what metrics are important for success and make sure we’re hitting that mark on a month to month basis. SEO dentists should be viewed as an investment in the long term health of your dental practice, however, we’ll make sure that you’re seeing a return the whole ride through.

Most SEO companies offer some form of local SEO and we’re no different. We’ll make sure that your practice is optimized with the best local SEO tactics to get the most clicks from your potential patients.

You start on Google of course! But seriously, most of your potential patients are going to start with a Google search. If you live in a major metropolitan area like we do (Minneapolis), then chances are you’re having a hard time showing up in search results! We can help your dentist office rank locally using local seo or regionally, the choice is yours!

Great, So What’s Next?

The next step is a discovery phone call. On the call we’ll get to know you and your practice further. We’d like to understand how you operate, what your business goals are, and your marketing budget. From there, we can craft a plan for success. If you’ve never worked with an SEO company before we can do a full site and competitor audit to determine the most logical next steps. So please, fill out the contact form below to get a free review of your site today!

Don’t Miss Out

If you believe that you can wait around until “next year” to do SEO than you’re sadly mistaken. If you’re getting outranked by your competition than their most likely already investing in SEO. SEO and the tactics used by search engine optimizers compound on themselves, so the more you wait around to start your marketing efforts, the more your competitors are going to increase their search rankings and leave you in the dust. don’t wait around for that to happen, call us today.

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