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Law firm SEO turns your website into a lead generation magnet that perpetually attracts new qualified leads.

Going to law school was hard. Starting your practice was even harder. Stop worrying about driving leads to your website, call us today.

Relationship Focused – Guaranteed Results

We create relationships that last by putting the needs of our law partners ahead of our own needs. You’re probably working with an agency that’s delivering dismal results and telling you to “keep hanging in there” for something that’s never going to come. At The Guerrilla Agency we only work on results and that’s why we can offer a guarantee. We’ll spend time understanding your vision and goals and stop at nothing to achieve them. We deliver what we say we will every time or we work tirelessly until we do. Contact us today to see how we can help fix your leads problem, and be the partner you deserve.


Average Increase in Organic Traffic


Average Increase in Lead Generation


Increase in CTR and Conversions


Partnerships Built

What makes us different?



Our law firm SEO team consists of experts in technical search engine optimization, copywriting and link building. We’ll ensure that you’re website is consistently driving the leads and we’ll help turn those leads into sales.



We always start with your SEO goals. You want an increase in leads to your law site? Consider it done. You want to build awareness as an attorney? Check. We can handle any goal, no matter how lofty.

Customers First

We use a customer centered approach when we’re developing our seo for lawyers program. We’ve got a proven process that will drive the right kind of traffic to your website and because of our relationships first model.

Law Firm SEO

SEO Case Study: Smiley Injury Law

Smiley centers it’s law practice on the construction industry, representing contractors, suppliers, property owners, and construction professionals of all shapes and sizes in legal matters that affect their business. When Smiley contacted The Guerrilla Agency their traffic was in the gutter and they were looking for help. After the first three months we were able to skyrocket their traffic by 300%!


Law Firm SEO + VIDEO

We have an in-house video team that enables us to create synergistic, relatable content that we can rank in search engines. Video content is accessible, engaging and develops trust with your target customers. Imaging having your customer testimonials ranked on Google? It’s all possible when you combine law firm SEO and video.

Landing Pages

When we’re doing law firm SEO for attorney’s we’re always focused on quality imagery on their websites. Why not incorporate a video into your landing pages?


As an attorney you might already have a YouTube channel. If you do (and consistently put out video content) we can help get that content appearing higher on YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine).

Search Results

This a big one. What firm wouldn’t want their videos showing up in search results? Video in SERPs (search engine results pages) is hugely beneficial for harboring engagement with your end consumers.


Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of using various strategies to get websites to rank for specific keywords higher in SERPs (search engine results pages). These strategies can include link building, content marketing (blogging) on-page optimization and more.

Every law firm SEO specialist says that they can get you results. We’re one of the few SEO agencies that can back up all our promises and more. When it comes down to it a law firm SEO agency is only as good as the person running it. Clayton Johnson (a renowned SEO wizard) runs ours. He’s had the years of experience, practice and patience to master every element of law firm SEO and we can safely guaranteed results because of it.

It’s harder than ever to help law firms rank their websites on Google because of the immense amount of competition. What makes it even more challenging is the consistent changes in Google’s algorithm. It’s taking SEO’s more time, money and energy to help potential clients rank their websites. One word of advice, if you don’t have the money to enlist a proper SEO expert, than you shouldn’t waste your time with low cost “budget SEO.” Low cost SEO companies utilize spammy, potentially hazardous practices to get your site to rank. These spammy tactics might work in the short term (over a few weeks) but Google can quickly catch on and penalize your site. We’re a white hat SEO agency, in that, we only utilize the tactics that Google has deemed acceptable, and we only engage in SEO methods that are safe from Google’s penalties now, and in the future. If you’re a law firm that’s used a low cost SEO and your site has a Google penalty, please call us immediately so we can get right on it. All in all, SEO for lawyer is so expensive because it takes more time and money to get you results.

If you’re looking to build a bigger law business than legal SEO is a must in your industry. Whether you’re a business attorney, personal injury attorney or anyone in between, you need SEO. SEO has the highest long term ROI out of any other digital marketing tactic today. If you’re doing PPC (pay per click) you’ve probably seen a 3% click through rate (or less) on your ads. Try 30% for SEO.

Attorney SEO can take quite a bit of time to work. Why? Because law firm websites are some of the most competitive in the industry. If you own a successful law practice and see the value in getting your law firm website to the top of Google, don’t you think other attorney’s have the same idea? That being said, the time it takes to rank will also depend on your geographic location. A criminal defense attorney in New York City will take a bit longer to help than a business lawyer in Arkansas.

We work with a wide variety of law firms and our value based pricing model reflects the time and energy that we put into campaigns. Typically, our pricing model starts at $2,000/month.

Nope! We think that the only way to provide consistent long term search engine optimization results is by doing everything in-house. All of our employee’s our based out of our Minneapolis office.

When we’re doing SEO for lawyers, this one of the biggest questions we get. It’s important that there is a page for every one of your services. E.G. Domestic Assault, DWI, Intellectual Property, etc. If you’ve already got that set up, then all we’ll need to do is target those pages effectively. If not, then we may need to add some pages to your website.

Don’t worry though! This usually only takes us a few days to complete.

Yes we do! We see backlinks as the backbone (get it?) of a good search engine optimization campaign. We’ve built relationships with thousands of law firm websites over the last several years, and we’re building new relationships like these daily. Our in-house digital marketing team will ensure that you get the most relevant and authoritative links in the industry.

We have a tireless amount of ways that we come up with keywords for law. First, we’ll get to know your business. We’ll look at your practice and service offering, how you operate and get a thorough understanding of your customer segments. From there, we’ll use various third party tools to conduct the necessary research in order to get your website ranking in Google.

Yes – SEO can help your business rank higher in Google Search engines also known as SERPs (search engine results pages). Ranking higher in Google Search will increase the exposure of your law firm website and increase the number of clicks/visits to your pages. Very few digital marketing channels can offer the same results as SEO.

SEO utilizes a wide variety of strategies in order to increase your search rankings. Those rankings show up in Google AFTER the ads and DO NOT have “ad” text next to them. Organic SEO results offer a higher ROI over time above PPC. However, PPC is a quicker way to traffic. If your company can outspend your competition (some firms can and some firms can’t) then you’ll get more clicks than your competition.

SEO has a HUGE return on investment. Together, we can report and track on every aspect of your business/strategy, which means we can show you REAL numbers that organic search is delivering. We’ll work with you and your team to figure out what numbers are most important to your business and be flexible in our strategy to accommodate. Investing in legal marketing is an investment in your business. It’s the foundation behind any successful marketing campaign.

Great, So What’s Next?

Good question! The next step is to contact us so we can uncover your goals. Your specific law firm goals are going to determine your SEO budget. Finally, your budget is going to come down to the number of pages we’ll be able to add to your site, the keyword targeting and number of backlinks it’s going to take to rank your content. We can help by conducting a full site audit to come up with an SEO campaign that can work inside most budgets. Contact us today and we can help tomorrow!

Don’t Miss Out

If you believe that your law competitors aren’t investing in SEO or other digital marketing tactics, you’re mistaken. If you’re not already investing in SEO than you’re most likely behind the curve in your local market and probably losing organic positions on the daily.We can help fix that. By getting started today we can make sure that you get (and stay) ahead of your law firm competitors, and that your phone (not there’s) is ringing. Contact us now and we’ll be sure to help in any way that we can.

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