Paid Advertising

You’re probably looking for more clicks, leads, and sales. Sounds like you need paid advertising.

Start using your ad dollars wisely, and only advertise to the right opportunities that provide the best ROI.

Relationship Focused – Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results. The hours that we put into a project shouldn’t be an issue; the only important thing is the outcome. To us, this value-based marketing at its best. We’ll strike a deal and always hold up our end of the bargain, and if we don’t, we work around the clock until we do. We’ve found that working this way creates lifelong partnerships and endless opportunities for both of us.


Increase in Impressions


Average Increase in SERP Clicks


Increase in Conversions


Partnerships Built

What makes us different?



We’ve been helping companies come up with strategic marketing plans for over 15 years. We’ve seen the pitfalls of partnering with the wrong agency, and watched many businesses fail in that process. We’re here to be a better agency for you, our partners.



Most paid media companies start with the plan. We always start with your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. After we’ve provided the map, you’ll know exactly how long the car ride is.

Customers First

We aren’t just throwing in a bunch of random high volume keywords and expecting people to click through. We’ve got a proven process that will not only drive more traffic to your site, it will also convert more customers once they’re there.

Paid Is The Shortcut To Traffic

Organic SEO is a critical part of any long term marketing strategy. However, organic takes time. You’ll need several weeks to build your site’s authority, but with paid, we can drive traffic overnight. We’ve found that this crucial for businesses trying to fill their pipeline with qualified leads quickly.



You’re missing out on valuable opportunities if you’re not remarketing to your website visitors. Remarketing (also known as retargeting) ads give buyers another chance to view your content and re-visit your site. We like to send targeted traffic to a site via PPC, SEO or paid social, and give your customers the option (at all times everywhere) to come back to your site and buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Primarily, we work with YouTube, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Linkedin. We’ve found that taking a multi-platform approach results in greater engagement, click through’s and leads!

For paid campaigns up to $5,000, we charge a 20% management fee. For anything over $5,000, we charge 20% of the campaign ad spend.

If your campaign’s daily budget is not large enough to capture 100% of daily search volume, your ads are being limited by Google in an effort to stay within your ad budget.

There’s a simple answer. Your ads are ranking too low. The main two drivers of ad rank are Max CPC and quality score. If either of these are low compared to your competitors, your ads won’t show up on top.

What you’re most likely seeing is a remarketing ad, which we highly recommend. Remarketing works by setting a cookie for users when they visit your site. A classic example of great remarketing is Amazon. Haven’t you seen that 7-foot gorilla statue following you around the internet…or is that just us?

If you’re doing well in business, chances are your competition is noticing. If you’re seeing their ads when you search for your business, they are bidding on your brand as a keyword. Want to outrank them? Start bidding on your brand as well.

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