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We know the drill. You got your site built by that “other agency” and they didn’t take into account your business goals, or worse, you got your site built by that “expert freelancer” and now your product categories aren’t set up correctly. You’re tired of working with sub-par eCommerce designers and developers. We were too, that’s why we created The Guerrilla Agency. We were tired of seeing eCommerce companies getting ripped off by other agencies. The point of a website (and your greater eCommerce marketing efforts) is to work hard so you don’t have to. That’s why we can guarantee results. We’ve spent the last decade honing in our crafts and we’ll use all of our collective knowledge to ensure your grander business goals are met. Even if we have to spend every dollar of your budget to do so. I implore you to stop the wasted opportunity cost. Call us today.


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When you’re dealing with eCommerce website development you want to make damn sure you’re working with an expert. There’s a lot of agencies that can do “website design for eCommerce” but there aren’t a lot of agencies that know the skills and tacts that will help drive traffic to your site, and convert that traffic once it’s there.



eCommerce isn’t meant to be JUST your online store. Your eCommerce website is meant to be an extension of your brand business. That’s why we always start with your overarching business goals, and what it’s going to take to achieve them.

Customers First

Our customers always come first. Your business is unique, so why shouldn’t your eCommerce website be too? We won’t try to shove you into a box, we’ll make sure that your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded upon. We guarantee you’ll love working with our team.

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We understand that every business Is unique. We’d love the opportunity to provide you with a unique plan to fit your unique situation. Please fill out the form below so we can get in touch about a pricing estimate. Want to talk to a real person? Give us a call day or night. (612) 540-0021

Web Development Case Study: MinnyGrown

As native Minnesotans, MinnyGrown embraces their Midwestern roots and takes pride in supplyingtheir customers with the highest quality hemp CBD products, produced from seed to sale. Known locally for winning the Midwest CBD Cup, their award-winning tinctures and hemp extract products have quickly become local favorites.

When MinnyGrown contacted The Guerrilla Agency, they already had the infrastructure to scale online but were missing the right platform to do so. After designing and developing their new site in WordPress using WooCommerce they finally had a site that was an extension of their amazing products.

An eCommerce Web Development Agency Designed for You

With our easy to understand pricing model getting started with your new project has never been easy. We customize every single SOW document and package it up in an easy to understand value-based pricing quote. What does that mean for your business? First, it ensures that you’ll never get blindsided by billable hours that ALWAYS take longer than a team expected. Next, at TGA we’ll ALWAYS go the extra mile because we’re not watching the clock. If you’ve ever been billed thousands of additional dollars for a site that’s way over deadline, you know exactly why this sounds so enticing. Call us today so we can deliver a custom quote!

Our eCommerce Process

Awesome Web Development Projects

Automotive Development Group

“AJ and his team crafted a beautiful new website for ADG and have been irreplaceable as our web management team. I would highly recommend anyone to The Guerrilla Agency for web and marketing work. Incredible team.”

Grant Torgerson – Marketing Coordinator

Scott’s Shop

“The Guerrilla Agency has been an integral part to our website strategy and development of our website. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of work and communication from the Guerrilla team.”

Scott Hayes – President

How Does The Guerrilla Agency Help Our eCommerce Website Clients Succeed Online?

You need the right partner when you’re considering re-designing an eCommerce site or building one from the ground up. You need a partner that’s focused and experienced in providing eCommerce sites that work for your business, not there’s. With our team of eCommerce website experts, The Guerrilla Agency offers all the necessary ingredients to an amazing eCommerce development company. Our team of full-stack developers, beautiful eCommerce designers, and marketing strategists will take your online presence to the next level.

With dozens of eCommerce projects over the years, The Guerrilla Agency knows what it takes to help drive customers to your eCommerce store, and generate sales when they get there. We utilize responsive web design, SEO, and CRO (conversion rate optimization). We make online shopping easy for your customers, and when It’s easy to shop at your online stores, you make more money baby! Call us today to figure out how we can help build your online shopping dream store.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every site we do is custom made, therefore, every site we develop is custom priced. When pricing an eCommerce online store we take into account your goals, marketing needs, products, design and functionality. All of these pricing variables will help us be as precise as possible when we’re developing your project. To receive a projecting estimate for your eCommerce websites and development services please contact us today.

Most eCommerce agencies focus on flashy designs to wow their customers. While we think that having a beautifully designed website is important, we focus more so on your goals as a business and the strategy we’re going to put into place to drive traffic to your site and convert that website once they’ve arrived. Our development team focuses on impressing your customers not just impressing you from design standpoint.

If you’re looking to build a more prominent eCommerce business than SEO is your best bet for the long term health of your marketing plan. The traffic generated from search engine optimization has the highest long term ROI out of any other marketing channel. Pay per click advertising has roughly a 3% click-through rate in comparison to SEO’s 30% click-through rate. SEO might take a bit more time to work, but it’s worth every minute spent on it!

This question usually depends on the eCommerce website you’re trying to build or where your current website is at. If you’ve already got a nice base and you’d like us to enhance the design elements throughout the site it’s going to take far less time than a 5,000 product store where we have to migrate all your content over and ensure all redirects are set. Generally, eCommerce site builds are a bit more in-depth than a normal marketing site and usually require anywhere from 6-12 weeks from start to completion.

If you’re working with an agency that’s outsourcing ANY of the necessary elements of an eCommerce website, we’d recommend making the switch to an agency that isn’t IMMEDIATELY. Remember, when it comes to custom eCommerce websites, you ALWAYS get what you way for.

Now you’re thinking ahead! Building a great looking eCommerce site is only half the battle. Once the site is launched we’ll need to focus on driving traffic to your custom eCommerce store and converting them into customers. eCommerce websites are marketed similar to “normal” website except it’s easier to attribute where the traffic came from when they made a purchase. TGA is a full-stack agency with all the necessary departments (SEO, PPC, Social, Email) to market your site after it’s launched, Contact us today about our development services and how we can help with your website’s ongoing marketing campaign!

The Guerrilla Agency makes it extremely for your firm to manage your eCommerce website. We can make it easy for your team to add products, build out categories, start and run promotions, send newsletters, etc. You’ll have full access to your content management system. Best of all, when we build your site, it’s going to be scalable. From a single product to thousands, TGA has you covered! Whatever CMS you choose TGA can help train your team after it’s completed.

Yes, we’re experienced in working with all of the major platforms including Magento, WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and more. Call us today to see if we’ve worked with the platform you’re on (chances our we have). Furthermore, TGA keeps a pulse on the best SEO CMS’s, so if we need to transition you off your outdated CMS, we can do so in-house!

We have an office in downtown Minneapolis but we work with companies all over the nation. Wherever your business is located, we can help craft en eCommerce web strategy, build out your online store and help with ongoing marketing!

Think about it like this. Let’s say today you’ve just got a brick and mortar store. If that physical location is in a rural location with little traffic, then you’re not going to make many sales. However, if your physical location is in the middle of Time Square, your probably going to be making a lot of sales! When we build custom eCommerce sites, we make sure they’re ALWAYS in Time Square.

All the eCommerce websites we build have encryption via SSL and come with a security setup right out of the gate. What’s that mean for you? A fully secure website with the latest security technology.

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