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Sure, we’re the SEO Agency that is renowned for first page rankings, but we didn’t get there without the help of a little old fashioned content marketing. Our long-standing history as a successful content marketing agency comes from our ability to snatch the results our clients are looking for every time. We deliver on content marketing that converts, providing your highly targeted market with up to date information and expertise when they need it most.


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Our in-house writing team takes the time to research your brand, values, and customers to create the right content at the right time. Our writers are brand voice polyglots and can speak to your customers in their language.



Simply put, your goals are our goals. We’re here as your partner to achieve your business objectives through strategic content marketing. Whether you need brand recognition, conversions, or industry-leading thinking we have you covered.

Customers First

We built our agency on a customer-centered approach. It’s a tried and true synergistic strategy that combines your methodology with our proven process.

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Simply put, your goals are our goals. We’re here as your partner to achieve your business objectives through strategic content marketing. Whether you need brand recognition, conversions, or industry-leading thinking we have you covered.

SEO Case Study: Advantage Construction

Advantage is one of the few Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors in Minnesota, which allows them to offer UNPARALLELED roofing warranties up to 50 years*. Their skilled craftsmen can completely renovate your home’s exterior to make it the nicest one on the block.

When Advantage contacted The Guerrilla Agency about roofing SEO their traffic was non-existent, they had a host of city pages around the greater Minneapolis area that weren’t ranking and they were frustrated. The Guerrilla Agency helped strategize a plan that enabled them to start ranking for a host of keywords on the first page.


Content Marketing Services + Video

The internet is a vast and infinite space, but we make your brand’s voice heard loud and clear. Over the years, we’ve learned how to navigate the void and achieve content marketing results for every one of our clients. We even include content marketing through video production, a strategy that has a significantly higher click-through rate (41%) than regular old text.


Blogs are the backbone of any great content marketing strategy. Your blog content can help boost trust, engagement, and conversions. Whether you’re a B2B business looking to become an industry leader or a B2C business that wants to keep its customers in the loop about relevant information, The Guerrilla Agency can help.

Landing & Service Pages

We create actionable landing page and service page copy that guides your customers through the conversion funnel. With purposeful call to action (CTA) language, highly targeted keyword use, and expert content writing we’ll craft pages that your customers find in search, fast.

Video + More

Content marketing is about more than just writing. We offer a wide variety of content marketing services including video production, infographics, case studies, guides, public relations or press releases, and more. Every consumer has their own favorite type of content, which is why we’ve dedicated our time to perfecting them all.


Frequently Asked Questions

We start off every client interaction with a questionnaire that helps give our writing staff somewhere to start. We’ll provide you with the content marketing strategy before writing ever begins, once you’ve signed off we’ll get started!

A content marketing agency creates content that pushes a potential consumer toward a purchase, and if they’re good at what they do, create a lifelong customer. Marketing has always needed content, but it wasn’t until the last decade or so that marketers realized the full potential of content marketing as a method for securing customers on various online platforms. A content marketing agency has in-depth knowledge of all the moving pieces that need to come together in order to create content that converts.

A content marketer plays a vital role in the digital marketplace, connecting your target audience with material that serves a wide variety of purposes. Whether it be informational, entertainment, educational, or for various marketing campaigns, content marketer’s main goal is to guide a consumer down the purchasing path. Content marketers are storytellers, writers, data analysts, social media gurus, strategists, even video creators and if you’re working with The Guerrilla Agency, SEO specialists as well.

The question isn’t what does this marketing strategy do, it’s what doesn’t it do! Not only can it increase awareness, brand recognition, and overall web presence but it can guide potential consumers into loyal customers. It’s a strategy that takes on the many successful branches of digital marketing. It’s a content strategy that harnesses the power of search engine optimization, informative blog posts, social media marketing, and various other inbound marketing initiatives for a synergized effort to garner leads and convert. A content marketing agency can do a lot for your brand, pushing it to new corners of the online marketplace in a way that will work for you. Our content marketing services pull together all areas of search engine optimization, a wide range of media marketing, social media marketing, blog posts, and other content marketing initiatives in a way that other non-SEO compatible content marketing agencies cannot.

The answer is yes, but it requires marketing agents and strategic work that many digital marketing agencies lack. Perhaps the best way to attract leads from content marketing is with a mailing list. These can be lead magnets! With the right type of content that a target audience wants, you’re able to offer an opt-in mailing list options so that they can receive more content! This serves as a great first step to introducing potential customers to your sales funnel and eventually into conversions. Many of these content marketing efforts work best with high-level content like white papers or case studies instead of simply social media marketing.

Content marketing can refer to a wide range of written or visual areas including video! Some common content marketing examples include blogs, email marketing, social media posts, infographics, case studies, press releases, various public relations work, website copy, PPC advertisements, paid advertisements, video marketing, white papers, interviews, podcasts, testimonials, listicles, and more! Content marketing is also continuously evolving, which means that new ways to complete marketing objectives through innovative creations will only grow over the years.

Content marketing consists of a wide breadth of responsibilities, knowledge, and creativity that accompanies digital marketing objectives. When people ask us, “what is content marketing”, we typically tell them all about it is understanding trends and comprehending data putting these two pieces of information together in order to craft digital content marketing pieces that convert your target audience into customers. Marketing has changed a lot over the years, and as the younger generation begins to accumulate enough buying power, it’s important to understand how to market to them effectively. There has been no better way than through content marketing.

We’ve worked with several complex and technical businesses! Some of our work includes content marketing for med-tech companies, clinical research houses for medical providers, various law firms (intellectual law, family law, and more), industrial power plant equipment, and more!

Pricing is completely dependent on client needs and is different on a client to client basis, to learn more about pricing, contact us today.

We get this question all of the time, and it’s pretty simple. Too many businesses leave their content writing on the back burner and end up producing either sub-par content or no content at all. Hiring The Guerrilla Agency guarantees results and premium content that converts (and we all love conversions).

We have a number of clients that write their own content but need a little direction. We can help craft a content strategy along with a pillar and cluster for new topic ideas, direction, and SEO friendly content creation! We can also assist with editing and proof-reading anything that you’ve written for your service pages, landing pages, blogs, and more. We can also help with press release work if you’re in need of public relations assistance.

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