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We partner with businesses throughout the Chicagoland area to provide premium SEO (search engine optimization) services that get real results. Digital marketing houses a wide variety of strategies and methods. We believe the best way for your Chicago business can achieve its desired metrics is with search engine optimization. Our number one priority is reaching your SEO goals, but it’s not our only priority. We’re here to create relationships that last. How do we accomplish that? Well, we’re consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients through excellent results and real communication.

We’re not here to play the marketing agency game because we’re not like other SEO agencies. We don’t play around with fluff metrics or billable hours. You tell us your vision and your objectives we’ll make sure they are met. There’s a reason why we can offer guarantees on our SEO results. We’ll tell you what’s realistic and make sure that we’ll deliver on what we promise.

SEO Redefined

With the Guerrilla Agency, you’re always being taken care of. Our team of SEO specialists is second to none, consistently creating incredible upticks in valuable traffic to our client’s websites. Our process is entirely focused around meeting your goals. Whether you need high value leads or brand awareness event buzz or product sales, we’ll tailor our SEO strategies to meet your exact needs. We center our efforts around a few core principles and tactics. Through in-depth audits, competitor analysis, content marketing, and valuable link building we’ll make sure your Chicago business is on track for success.

We’ll guide you toward your objectives with our tried and tested methodology. We’ll get to know your unique pain points and target audience. During the early stages, we’ll review your digital marketing efforts and create strategies that fit your needs. Chicago SEO can be a challenge, but we have the SEO experts on staff to ensure you’re receiving the local traffic you need to meet your goals. We’ll also take a look at businesses in your niche for a competitor analysis. Getting ranked on the first page of search engines comes down to beating out the efforts of other SEO services.

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Driving Traffic With SEO Since 2012

For the better part of a decade, we’ve been helping businesses around the Chicago area find success with SEO. Local search engine optimization takes a specialized approach, one that we offer with your target audience and results in mind. Digital marketing has taken its hold and sprouted many branches of successful methodologies. Search engine optimization is perhaps the most evergreen and deep rooted digital strategy around, driving real traffic with results that translate into dollars.


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We’re always implementing the most up-to-date and successful SEO practices around. Our company houses experts with decades of search engine optimization experience. We’ll boost your traffic, rankings, and eventually leads and sales.



Your SEO goals drive our strategic development. If you need brand awareness, we’ll create the perfect program for it. If you need leads from a specific audience, we can get that done too. The best search engine optimization comes from your company’s goals.

Customers First

The customer is always first in our SEO approach. We’re constantly raising the bar with accessible communication and a proven search engine optimization process. We know how to drive the right traffic to your website for increased conversions and revenue.

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Case Studies

You know what they say, the proof is in the pudding. Well, our proof is in our case studies. We’ve helped a wide variety of businesses find success through content marketing strategies, link building campaigns, web designs, and traffic boosting tactics that work. So, whether your Chicago company needs brand awareness, leads, or an organic traffic increase we’ll get the job done.

Chicago SEO Experts

There’s a reason why we’re a trusted name in the SEO industry. Our SEO experts have seen search engine optimization transform for over a decade. We’re continuously keeping up with algorithmic trends, innovative strategies, and cutting edge practices that achieve top rankings on search. There’s not a moment that goes by where our specialists and experts aren’t combing information on leading search engines. Not many digital marketing agencies can truly say that they have SEO experts on board. Our experience speaks for itself, with years of true search engine optimization experience across the board in our agency.

Finding success as a Chicago SEO company means understanding the challenges that accompany industry saturation. Chicago is a massive city which means that you’re going to all of the digital marketing guidance you can get. Local SEO in such a populated area can be difficult, but with our years of experience we can help guide you towards your goals. Our SEO services are crafted to meet any challenge thrown our way. You’ll find your complete SEO solution with The Guerrilla Agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimization (SEO) uses a wide variety of highly specialized and technical strategies to achieve web property rankings in search engines like Google. Typical SEO strategies revolve around a combination of on-page optimization, link building, and content marketing.

We’ve been around the block and we know how digital marketing and SEO agencies operate. Chicago SEO companies will rant and rave about their capabilities, but are they getting you results? We’re only concerned with meeting your business objectives. Our SEO team is led by Clayton Johnson, a known and trusted leader in the search engine optimization space. He’s consulted several digital marketing agencies with his tried and tested model for rankings.

We sure do. It’s important that companies understand the unique challenges that eCommerce presents. If you’re looking for SEO help with your Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magneto store you need SEO specialists with experience. Luckily, we have tons.

Oh, where to begin. SEO is primarily concerned with your organic rankings. So, if you type some keywords into Google, SEO is concerned with the results that pop up AFTER the ads section. In the long-run, SEO is a more steady investment that has huge returns down the line. PPC gets quick traffic, but it’s usually short lived and needs constant cash flow to stay up.

Our SEO pricing is completely depending on your goals. We work with companies of all sizes. We offer services that fit smaller startups and we also provide solutions for enterprise level companies. Our value-based pricing model allows companies both big and small to find success with our strategies. Our comprehensive packages start at $2,000/month.

Well, this question is almost entirely dependent on what keywords you’re aiming for and how much your budget is. Results typically start rolling in the door around the three-month mark. That’s when you’ll start to see organic traffic boosts. Keep in mind, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Search engine optimization doesn’t happen overnight and is an investment that will benefit your company in the long run.

We utilize a few approaches when analyzing and picking out which keywords work best for your Chicago business. Matching up a business with its industry’s most relevant and fitting keywords is an art and a science. We’ll research to better understand your customers, your processes, and your business as a whole. We’ll also use a host of trusted third-party tools to dive deeper into search volume and intent. In the end, we’ll make sure to choose keywords that will create the most traffic and leads to your company.

Absolutely! We’ve established trusted relationships with thousands upon thousands of websites over the past decade. These relationships are growing on the daily as we continue to expand our link building network. Our in-house SEO Chicago link building team can create the most authoritative and relevant links directly to your site for the ultimate boost in rankings.

The truth is, you can never have too much content. Regular blogging and specialized service pages (landing pages) are essential for targeted search engine optimization. If you want to beat out your competitors, content is a great route. Not only does consistent blogging build site relevance, but it also helps you meet your customers on every step of their buyer journey. If you already have a content writer, that’s great! We’ll help you craft an optimized content strategy that your team can use as a guideline for your content marketing.

We’ve written content across the board. Our writing team has experience in nearly every niche and can create highly technical content that your audience will understand, appreciate, and trust. Not quite convinced? Contact us and we’ll send over some writing samples to demonstrate our expertise.

Yeah, and while you’re at it you can also diagnose your own cavities. If you want actual results that don’t come back to bite you, you’re going to want an SEO expert. SEO is one of those digital marketing tactics that we’ve seen marketing agency after marketing agency claim to understand but fail to execute. We specialize in it for a reason. Our company revolves around successful search engine optimization.

Not all businesses work on a global scale, we understand that. Chicago has such a great market that you may only need or want to create digital marketing strategies for the area. We offer complete local SEO services that can bring your company to the front of search in the Chicagoland area.

Businesses in Chicago can see a massive return on investment with our SEO services. We track and create detailed reports on your complete SEO strategy. We’ll work tirelessly with your team to decide what metrics and KPI’s are most integral to your company’s success. SEO is a longterm investment, one that will only serve to benefit your company for years to come.

What’s Next?

First things first, you’ll need to decide what budget works best for your SEO efforts. It can be difficult to understand what type of SEO budget is necessary for your specific business but here’s how we typically measure it. There are essentially three questions that will determine your budget. How many pages are on your site, how many keywords are we targeting, and what are your marketing goals? We usually find that the best way to move forward is by completing a comprehensive audit to figure out which type of SEO campaign works best within your budget.

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Digital marketing techniques and services may continue to change, pivot, and evolve over the next few decades. That being said, there is one tactic that is at the foundation of digital success: SEO. As a leading SEO company, we’ve found success both with both local markets like Chicago along with global endeavors with our campaigns. SEO is becoming more competitive by the day, so get started today and establish yourself amongst your competitors.

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