Our Ultimate Service List

Superb agency services to help propel your business into the digital age

Managed SEO Services


Kong is our fully managed SEO product, custom-built for your niche. You’ll get a fully automated hands-off solution that combines all of our best products including, Guerrilla on-page, Guerrilla local, Guerrilla Blogs, Guerrilla Guest and more!
Learn more about Kong here.


Our Slow Optimizer package is identical to our Kong package, it’s just done over a longer period of time. We’ll work with you on your specific SEO budget and goals and set expectations. It still includes all of our amazing services, just less on a month to month basis. It’s going to take longer to rank, but better late, than never?
Learn more about Slow Optimizer here.

Link Building


Getting white hat links is THE HARDEST part about doing SEO. It’s time-consuming and complicating. We’ve drilled this down and systematized it over the course of many years. We’ll do white hat manual outreach to get you the best high DA links from around the net. Many other sites can get you DA10 links, but we don’t even mess around with that nonsense, our packages start at 40.
Learn more about Guerrilla Guest here.


The Guerrilla Local service will help local businesses rank in their individual areas. We use the best local directories and big data aggregators to let Google know where your business is located. Are you ready to beat our your competition across town? Than the Guerrilla Local package is for you.
Learn more about Guerrilla Local here.


Our Guerrilla Guest service is blue ribbon press releases written and distributed on behalf of your business. You can get your business on many local and national news source websites. This accomplishes two things.
1. It can get you high DA links to your site
2. It builds up link diversity to your site.
Learn more about Guerrilla Press here.

Content Creation


You need excellent linkable content to naturally increase your link profile and position your business as a thought leader in your space. Look no further, Guerrilla Blogger is for you. We create incredible linkable content based around topics and keywords that matter to your customers (or potential new customers if we’re doing our job right).
Learn more about Guerrilla Blogger here.


We can turn your blog posts or scripts into high-quality video content. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and if your business isn’t on it, you’re not living in 2018. Take advantage of high-quality video content with our Guerrilla Video service.
Learn more about Guerrilla Video here.


You’ve been putting out content for a while and linking back to your site, but nothing is happening to your traffic. With Guerrilla on-page we’ll do a deep dive into the content on your site and fully optimize each page to ensure that you’re ranking for the keywords that matter.
Learn more about Guerrilla on-page here.

Web Design & Management


We started out as a web design firm, so it’s safe to say that web design is still embedded in our DNA. We build high-quality custom WordPress websites. Beautiful design, fast turnaround and fully optimized. If you can find a better service for this price we’ll shut down our site.
Learn more about Guerrilla Web Design here.


Once your website is built you need to keep it up to date AND have a partner that is able to add pages, keep the site secure and have your digital back. Our web management product is just that PLUS premium hosting. Never let your site go down again.
Learn more about Guerrilla Web Management here.



We’ve got the SEO strategy that hundreds of agencies and businesses have taken advantage of. We’ve worked out the kinks and built an all-encompassing SEO product that guarantees results. Let us help your SEO agency get off the ground and into 2018 with the right strategy.
Learn more about the Guerrilla Strategy here.