Plastic Surgery SEO

Refresh your online visibility with search engine optimization.

You may be the best plastic surgeons in town, but do you get the most business? With search engine optimization, you can improve the number of potential patients finding your website. Here at The Guerrilla Agency, our SEO and marketing services can help you reach for the top of Google’s search results and the plastic surgery industry.

Relationship Focused – Guaranteed Results

You would never jump right into cosmetic surgery with a new patient. Neither would we. Our marketing agency believes in the power of relationships. Instead of rushing into an expensive website overhaul, we’ll sit down and listen. What makes your plastic surgery practice different? How can we make sure you feel represented on your website? It’s this foundational step that means we can guarantee results. With the right SEO strategies, we can create an SEO campaign that draws new patients month over month.


Average Increase in Organic Traffic


Average Increase in Lead Generation


Increase in CTR and Conversions


Partnerships Built

Better SEO for Plastic Surgeons


Google Experts

Google is potentially as big and complicated as your med school textbooks. It also yields the most valuable search results. Thankfully, our SEO experts are like the plastic surgeons of the internet. They know how to navigate search engines with fine-tuned precision. This expertise is what will help your business stay competitive in the plastic surgery market.


Full Service

Search engine optimization is not just about keywords. Including the right terms on your website is important, but for a successful SEO campaign, we must consider a more in-depth SEO strategy. This can include blog posts, website design, local SEO, and more. While we’ll never try to sell you add-ons you don’t need, we are a fully equipped digital marketing agency, prepared to take on the competition.


While other plastic surgery SEO companies may take your money and disappear like a facelift patient in recovery, we’ll be here. Not only will we regularly update you on the progress of our SEO strategy, but we’ll be accessible for any questions you may have. Hard to believe? Call us right now. Here’s our phone number: (612) 540-0021

SEO Case Study: Spa MD

Like a cosmetic surgery business, Spa MD needed quality leads for new patients but was struggling to find a way. Their website didn’t reflect their services and wasn’t converting customers. More importantly, they had been burned by an amateur marketing agency in the past. Its was more crucial than ever that we prove our SEO techniques could produce better search result and ultimately lead to new patients. After a new website design and updated SEO tactics, they saw a 400% increase in website traffic and a 2899% increase in leads.

Our Plastic Surgery SEO Operation

Just like how you explain a procedure to new patients, we believe in transparency with our new clients. That means regular updates that show you exactly where your money is going. Here’s a step by step of our SEO process for plastic surgeons.

Our Services

Plastic Surgeon SEO and Video Marketing

In addition to improving your rankings on Google, it’s essential to think about how you’re engaging your customers once they arrive at your website. The Guerilla offers video production services as a way to help you reach your audience in a quick, captivating way, whether its a short video testimonial or an overview of your procedures, video is a great way to connect with potential patients.

Web Design and SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Another branch of services we offer is web design. Not only will your plastic surgery website look gorgeous, but it will function flawlessly. We’ll improve your site structure, making sure it’s easy to navigate and leads users to a clear point of sale. This usually includes adding service pages for each of your procedures and ensuring all the SEO tactics are in place.

Advertising and Plastic Surgeons SEO

While we specialize in organic search engine results, we do offer other internet marketing services. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the best ways to improve your traffic fast. Instead of relying on Google search, we’ll create ads and promote them online. While this form is less organic than content marketing or website optimization, we can still target these ads to the markets you want, so you’re generating leads quickly.

Hear From Our Clients

We like to think of our SEO services like cosmetic surgery SEO. Whether its a website facelift or an SEO tummy tuck, we’ll do all the work. You just have to sit back and wait for the results. Hear what our clients have to say about what we’ve done for them.


Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of SEO is that it uses a search engine’s natural algorithm to promote your website. In other words, you’re not paying for digital ad space. To fully take advantage of SEO, however, requires time and expertise. That’s where we come in. Our pricing will depend on the size and type of your SEO project, but as a rule of thumb, our packages start at $2,000/month. While you can find Google ads that cost less, SEO continues to work for your business long after we’re done–whereas ads only run as long as you can pay for them.

It depends. If you’re a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, it will take longer than if you’re a small business in the country. Google doesn’t just give out instant site rankings. In essence, we need to prove your website is worth the top spot. In general, this can take around 2-3 months to achieve.

If you want online traffic, SEO is right for you. Whether you’re a small business or corporate company, you can adapt the techniques of SEO to fit your unique marketing goals. Even if you’re already ranking for your business name, SEO can help expand your presence to broader markets and generate quality leads.

There are thousands of SEO agencies, but they are only as good as the people who run them. At the Guerrilla, we are a small but powerful team that can match lofty results with down to earth customer services. Let’s have a conversation, and we’ll show you what we mean.

Local SEO is a part of our SEO practices that target markets living near you. For example, when you searched “Minnesota SEO for plastic surgeon,” you expected an MN firm to pop up. In the same way, we want customers who are actually near your business to find your website. To get that result, we use specific keywords that resonate solely in your area.

Backlinks are a vital component of any SEO campaign. They involve other websites linking to yours and help improve your “authority” on Google. They essentially show other sites vouching for you and promoting you as a credible source. This helps Google know you deserve a high ranking.

Yep! Social media marketing is a part of our advertising services. This a great way to connect with your audience and promote your brand. So whether you need an Instagram account or a multiplatform ad campaign, we’ve got you covered. #Nicenosejob

There are lots of search engines out there. Google is the most commonly used, but some of your customers might be using other platforms such as Safari or Bing. Thankfully, most share similar SEO standards, so it makes sense to base our strategies on what Google rewards in search and adapt to the rest. No matter how your customers find you, we’ll make sure your content is up to par.

Yes and no. When it comes to SEO, it’s important to target very specific keywords that relate to your business. Even though there is a distinction between cosmetic and plastic surgery in the medical world, these two terms are often associated in search engines like Google. When we are evaluating the best way to promote online visibility then, we look at all the ways your potential customers might be trying to find you and capitalize on each of those avenues.

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