Blue Ribbon Press Release Service

Get your business featured on ABC, FOX, and other high authority sites.

Why Use Our Press Release Service?

A press release is the gold standard for high-quality white hat SEO links. We can take your business, event, product or service and turn it into a link building machine known as a press release. From there, we will send this article to hundreds of high-quality news distribution channels that will result in hundreds of diverse links from real news sites.

If everything goes according to plan, hundreds of news outlets will pick up your press release and publish it on their site resulting in a multitude of high quality, diverse links from very authoritative, real news sites.

These links bring authority, trust, and diversity to your link profile.

Everyone loves seeing their name in the news — especially your clients. Our press releases will get your news in the right hands at the right time.


How it works?

Give us all your business information (name – address – phone – industry) and then tell us the news! Most businesses have newsworthy events happening monthly, it doesn’t always have to be the launch of a new product etc.

From there, our team of Minneapolis based professional writers will craft your business a creative press release and distribute it through our extensive network of journalists and syndicates.

After we send out your press release you’ll get a report of just how far your press release is reaching. From there, feel free to add any of the news sources logos to your site. You’ve earned them!

Why Work With The Guerrilla Agency To Distribute Your Press Release?

Once your Press Release gets published on a quality news syndicate, a few things will happen:

Domains with DA’s of 20-90+ will get you high authority links.

You’ll gain trust with Google, boosting your own DA.

Improve your social proof by landing links on reputable domains.

You can now add “featured by” sections to your website, adding even more value and trust to your brand.

You’ll have more social content! Post the links about your business from your social channels to gain more exposure.

High Quality Press Release

500 Words Written by A Professional
Up to 3 Links / 3 Keywords
Approval Before Distribution
High Quality Distribution
Distributed to 100+ Authority News Outlets
Hundreds of Diversified White-Hat Links
DA 20-90+



So What’s the ROI?

Getting one mention on a high authority site is huge for SEO, and it’s huge for your grassroots marketing efforts. When your company is able to capture dozens of valuable backlinks and mentions, that’s going to put you on a whole different level.

The real ROI from a press release can be seen in the boost you get from Google, and the authority you get with your customers. In most cases, it’s priceless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have to approve the content before it goes out. We’ll write the article and go through the same process as our blogger service.

Writing the press release usually takes about a week. From there, we’ll go through the editing process. Once the press release is edited to your liking, we will distribute it. Expect news sources to pick it up in 1-2 months.

We don’t allow “grey” niches. You know, gambling, weight loss, E-cig stuff or anything spammy.

Yes! After sites pick your press release up you can use the logos on your own website.