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Over the last several years we’ve helped dozens of local Arizona companies earn higher rankings on Google.

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Relationship Focused – Guaranteed Results

Almost all of our clients have been in your shoes. You’re probably working with a substandard digital marketing agency offering shotty SEO services. As a business owner/marketing director, you’re working hard to ensure the success of your organization; shouldn’t your marketing agency? That’s why we developed The Guerrilla Agency. We were tired of seeing businesses pay thousands of dollars a month only to see little to no results. At TGA we focus on your business vision and goals and stop at nothing to work alongside you to achieve them. In the first month of working with us, you’ll see REAL deliverables and in a short amount of time, dramatic results. We’re able to guarantee results because we’ll stop at nothing to achieve your goals, even if that means spending the entirety of your marketing budget to do so. That’s how we build lasting relationships and happy customers. Call us today to see how we can put your hard-earned marketing dollars to work.


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What Makes Us Different?



Our founder Clayton Johson started his career in SEO over a decade ago. Since then, we’ve been refining and building on our internal SEO strategies. Whether you just launched your new website, you’re transitioning a site to a new CMS or you’re wanting to explode your traffic. TGA here to help.


Arizona Business Goals

Most agencies focus on vanity metrics like impressions or clicks. At TGA we know what matters to your business, new leads, and sales. We’ll focus on ensuring that we understand the business metrics that are going to drive your organization forward and we’ll stop at nothing to hit those goals.

Customers First

We always utilize our customer-centered approach when working with clients. If it’s not good for you, then it’s not good for us. We really do take that motto heart. We’ll always ensure that we put you, our customer, above our bottom line.

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We understand. Every business (most importantly yours) is unique. We’d love the opportunity to put together a unique plan to fit your company. Please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you ASAP! Want to talk to a real person right now? Give us a call anytime.  (612) 213-2871

PKG Lab website on a Laptop

SEO Case Study: 1,000% Increase in Online Sales

When the Packaging Lab first contacted us, they had spent over six months working with another marketing agency that wasn’t getting them results. Even worse, the promise of more deliverables was always “the next month.” With their unique offering and wide breadth of products, there was no limit on the opportunities available to them (and us). We started with thorough on-page SEO, link building, and content marketing. Within the first 90 days, they saw their first 30,000 package order! Read the full case study below.

Search Engine Optimization Experts at Your Service

Over the years we’ve come to realize that our customers want things to be simple. That’s why we’ve taken all of our complex search engine optimization strategies and packaged them up into easy to understand offerings. While we’ve simplified our pricing, we haven’t simplified the strategies. You’ll still be getting a custom strategy to fit your unique business needs. We’ll let you know what we’re doing on a month to month basis, and more importantly, why we’re doing it! You’ll get to see a monthly report with all the highlights, and we’ll outline all the opportunities we’re seeing for the next month. We vow that as long as you’re working with us, we’ll be doing what we said we’d be doing (and more) and showing the amazing results for your business.

Statewide Search Engine Optimization

Phoenix SEO

In Phoenix, you’re used to seeing the year-round sun. Why don’t we help you get some year-round leads to match? We’ve got the Phoenix SEO experts that will help your Phoenix Arizona based business stand out from the crowd.

Tucson SEO

If you live in Tucson, you know that it’s a bustling city with an ever-growing population. Let us help you devise a plan to blow your competition away on search engines like Google.

Scottsdale SEO

We’ve been the go-to company to increase search results in Scottsdale for years. At TGA, we’ve got high attention to detail and will always be focused on increasing your search engine rankings.

Want Proven Results? Look No Further.

When you’re looking for an SEO company, you should try and find one that’s drinking their own Koolaid. We’re one of the best SEO companies in the nation. Our strategies are truly one of a kind and custom build for each client. We’ll start by getting a thorough lay of the land on your website, and ensure that you’re not missing any organic opportunities. From there, we’ll work around the clock to produce content that delights search engines, and more importantly, your customers. After a few short months of consistent content marketing, landing page optimization, and link building, we’ll start to see your website blow past your competitors. Finally, we’ll measure and report on the results that matter to your business and provide a detailed account of the work that’s been completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

SEO or Search engine optimization is a combination of skills and tactics used by search engine optimizers. These tactics include link building, content writing, on-page SEO, and more! All of these various tactics are utilized in an ongoing campaign with the goal being increased search results for your company.

That’s great! While we hope that you show up for your brand name when someone types it into Google, that isn’t SEO. Our goal is to get you to rank for buyer keywords that AREN’T your brand. E.G., if you’re a local plumber in Phoenix, we want you to rank for “Phoenix plumbers.” When that query is searched, the person who’s doing the searching doesn’t know you and is an opportunity to become a new customer!

No! TGA is a full-stack marketing agency. We’ve got a wide breadth of great service offerings in all facets of internet marketing. Our full digital marketing services include Web Design, SEO, PPC, Adwords Management, Video Production, Content marketing, and more!

No! While we specialize in Phoenix SEO and truly are SEO Phoenix experts, we offer our services in all other cities in Arizona, and around the nation. That’s the beauty of hiring a search engine marketing agency, we don’t have to be located in your city in order to get results. We just need to have the strategies to back up our lofty claims.

If you’re looking to build a bigger business, then SEO is the way to go! SEO is one of the best strategies you can utilize to invest in the long term health of your marketing and business. Most paid ads will get a 2-3% click-through rate if you’re lucky, SEO boasts a 30% click-through rate! Think about it, when the last time you clicked on a Google ad?

This question depends greatly on the industry you’re in and how much time and effort your competitors have put into SEO. If you’re a local plumber, it’s going to be a lot easier to rank than a national small business lender. However, most of the time we see great results after a few short months.

The short answer is whatever you can! The long answer is that it depends on your industry, business goals and current marketing spend. Our packages start at $2,000/month and go up from there. We always recommend spending at least the minimum.

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