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Driving visitors to your website can be challenging. Partner with The Guerrilla Agency today to see how we can help fix your lead generation problem.

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Digital marketing is the new frontier for businesses that want to attract new customers, grow and eventually dominate their market. Without it, it’s impossible for companies to compete with their competition. The majority of consumers are turning to Google and Bing to find businesses to shop with, and if you can’t be seen, you will struggle to compete.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy; it’s how you ensure that your business appears at the top of Google and Bing search results. By investing in SEO, you help to bring more leads into your business, and you prevent those leads going to your competition who would use that revenue to further their market share.


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Deep Understanding

We understand SEO on an incredibly deep level, it’s been our focus for years and working in the industry day in and day out means that we have a level of expertise that most business owners can’t match.


On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is about optimizing your website for specific keywords so that when search engines like Google and Bing index your content they are more likely to rank it for those keywords.



Off-page SEO is primarily about backlinks, which are links from other websites that point to your pages. Google values these links and the more links from high-quality sites, the better.

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SEO Case Study: 400% Increase in Organic Traffic

Satellite industries is one of the leading innovators in the portable sanitation industry with almost 75% of the market share. Over the course of two short years, The Guerrilla Agency was able to increase their organic traffic by over 400%!

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Although Mesa is noticeably smaller than Phoenix, there is still a vast population that is looking for businesses like yours to solve their problems. More and more people are opting to search Google first before they even consider looking in phone books or newspapers. Don’t you want to appear at the top of that list?


As the most populous city in the state there is a vast amount of people in the city and the surrounding areas who are looking for a business in your market. Unfortunately, they can’t find you.

You don’t rank at the top of Google for the keywords that they are searching, and that makes it impossible for them to become your customer, even if they wanted to. SEO is all about putting your business at the top of the results so that customers with burning problems can find the best solution.


Throughout Tucson, there are thousands of local businesses who want more customers. Are you one of them? What are you doing about it? SEO is an equal opportunity marketing method. Google doesn’t care who you are; it only cares about ranking the best pages for each keyword.
Let us help you to create better content, optimize it for the right keywords that people are searching and build links to encourage those pages to rank on the first page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of companies say they care about their clients, but we’re one of the few that do. With our relationships first model, we’ll stop at nothing to realize digital marketing gains for your company even if that means spending the entire budget to do so. That’s how we create relationships that last and happy customers.

SEO is a proven tactic used by digital marketers to increase the amount of traffic a website gets. There are other factors (including your on-page content) that into play, but primarily, the more traffic your site gets, the more leads you’ll get.

SEO is short for search engine optimization and encompasses a plethora of tactics that search engine optimizers use to rank a website. If you’re working with a professional SEO, they’ll most likely be utilizing a combination of on-page optimization, link building, and content marketing.

SEO has one of the most significant ROI’s out of any other marketing technique. Our goal is to lower your overall advertising costs while delivering the most organic traffic and sales possible. We can help provide a cost per page visit 1/4 of the price you’re spending on paid traffic.

Google has an everchanging complex algorithm, so it’s hard to tell just how long SEO is going to take to work for your business. After working with several hundred companies over the last decade, we can say you’ll start seeing results in as little as two months.

We have a value-based pricing model, so we don’t work on billable hours like most agencies. Our pricing packages start at $2,000 and include link building, content marketing, and technical SEO.

Links can help build up your website’s authority in Google. What’s that mean? Links are a signal to Google telling it which sites to rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages). The more quality links your website has, the higher Google is going to rank your on-page content.

Almost every business can benefit from SEO. If you’re thinking about enlisting the help of an SEO company, you should start thinking about SEO as a long term investment into the wellness of your business. SEO isn’t a get rich quick scheme and doesn’t work as quickly as paid advertising. However, when SEO is done right (and with the right partner), it can produce a far better ROI than paid advertising ever will.

Next Steps

Before you become a client, it’s vital that you understand how SEO works and what the process will be. SEO can take time, you won’t see the same instantaneous results that you see with paid advertising, but the long-term benefit is often much better.

First, you should choose the plan that you want. We offer three tiers, designed for different budgets and goals. Once you select a package, we can discuss your goals, and we will start performing keyword research to identify the best keywords for your business to rank for.