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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is incredibly important to any business that wants to bring in customers through digital marketing. Not only do the vast majority of people search for companies on Google rather than in newspapers and phone books, but more and more people are buying computers and going online each year.

It’s 2019, and the best way to gain publicity for your business is through the internet, precisely by ensuring that people see your business not your competitors when they search on Google. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is how you make that happen, and we are experts at it.


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Local Partnerships

We work with local businesses of different sizes, helping them to bring in more traffic to their websites year on year. Let us help you too.


Different Tiers

We have three different SEO packages, depending on the number of keywords you want to target and the amount of traffic you want to generate each month. Each package is full-service, combining different elements of SEO to generate results for your business.


We focus on SEO from all aspects; we combine them all to get you the best possible results. That means we do keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content creation.

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SEO Case Study: 400% Increase in Organic Traffic

Satellite Industries and The Guerrilla Agency have been partners for two years. In that time, the team of SEO experts at The Guerrilla Agency increased Satellite’s organic traffic by over 400%!

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Bridgeport businesses use search engine optimization to drive more traffic, leads, and conversions to their websites. Start benefiting from SEO today.

New Haven

New Haven is a tourist hotbed. You have a local retail store. Is your website optimized to attract those tourists? We can implement an SEO strategy to rank at the top of the Google search results.


SEO is a technical skill and many business owners have failed to manage their SEO campaigns. You hire a lawyer for your legal issues, you need to hire an SEO professional to manage your digital marketing campaign. We can help to bring in more traffic and leads to your website, building your brand awareness and more leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a combination of tactics used by search engine optimizers to increase the organic keyword positions for your website. E.G., if you’re a plumber, we’d help you rank for plumber companies near me!

SEO is a combination of tactics used by search engine optimizers to increase the organic keyword positions for your website. E.G., if you’re a plumber, we’d help you rank for plumber companies near me!

We have pricing packages that fit most small, medium and large companies. Our pricing starts at $2,000/month, but we have packages for $3,000, $5,000 and above $10,000/month for enterprise.

We believe in providing the utmost quality in our SEO packages. For that reason, all of our work (including link building) is done in-house.

If you’re website already has the appropriate pages present (a page for all of your services) we’ll mostly be working on the back end meta data. However, if your website is smaller and only has a home page, we’ll need to add pages to it. Think of every page we build as a niche page to rank for a certain set of keywords.

Ah, the age-old dilemma PPC vs. SEO. We would say that this depends on your goals. If you have a one-off event you’re promoting, then PPC is great! However, if you’re looking to get the maximum ROI for your marketing dollars and trying to invest long term in your marketing strategy, SEO is the way to go!

The Next Steps

The first step to becoming a client is to contact our agency. It’s essential that we can communicate and decide which package is ideal for your business and the goals that you want to accomplish.

Once you have decided on a package, we will present you with a recommendation as to which keywords should be targeted to get the optimum results. These keywords are ones that your ideal customer searches for, ensuring that the traffic that is acquired will be interested in your products and services.

Each month we will work tirelessly to deliver on each of the steps in our SEO packages, presenting you with a report at the end of the month. This report will explain what has been done and how it has impacted your rankings.

Tracking your rankings is imperative to giving you complete transparency and confidence in your investment. SEO can take time, it’s not going to improve overnight, and some of the groundwork needs to be laid out before your rankings will shift. To see results in this game you need to have patience and continue to invest towards the rewards that you desire.

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