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If your Oklahoma business needs some SEO love, we have got your back. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and leave your competition in the dust, SEO provides a great avenue for growth and success.

Acquiring Customers

We know how challenging it is to acquire new customers and keep up sales in the modern economy. Marketing has evolved and transformed into an almost entirely digital endeavor, and traditional efforts have been pushed to the wayside. Not only because they are expensive, but because they don’t really work anymore for smaller businesses.

So how do you stay afloat in a digital world? Well, you show up on search engines. SEO gives business owners the power to pop up for search inquiries related to their products or services landing them new customers and more revenue.


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Technical Expertise

The truth is, ranking on Google isn’t an easy task. SEO is highly technical and requires an in-depth knowledge of dynamic algorithms, link-building strategies, and content creation. We have been working in the search arena for over a decade, helping businesses traverse the complicated network of search engine optimization and bring in more revenue.


SEO Packages

We provide three different packages, tiered so that you can decide how much you want to invest in your SEO efforts. From research to execution, we make sure that no matter which option you choose, we are creating tailor-made solutions that will get you the results you pay for. The more you’re willing to invest, the higher your rankings will be.


Most people aren’t willing to scroll past the first page of Google. That’s why it’s important to make SEO a priority in your marketing budget so that you can reap all of the benefits that come from showing up higher than your competition on search engines.

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SEO Case Study: 400% Increase in Organic Traffic

Satellite industries is one of the leading innovators in the portable sanitation industry. The Guerrilla Agency was able to increase their organic traffic by over 400%! We started with a custom SEO strategy that included targeting pages, creating new content and building high authority by using offsite relevant websites.


Helping Companies in Oklahoma to Grow Since 2011

Oklahoma has been growing over the years, and businesses are looking to take advantage of new customers at every turn. If you want to stand out and above the rest, ranking higher in search engines is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Oklahoma City

It can be tough to compete in larger cities like Oklahoma City where some companies have massive marketing budgets. Trying to go head to head with them on their turf can be taxing. Instead, take to Google and outrank them, acquiring customers where it matters to get sales in the door.


Are you appearing for searches related to your business? If not, it’s time to invest in SEO. There is a ton of ROI associated with ranking higher than the competition on search engines, let us give you the push you need to get the customers you deserve.

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Start Increasing Your Rankings

Want to know the best part about SEO? If your rankings increase, your competitors decrease. That means that every dollar that you invest in SEO not only goes toward increasing your visibility but also decreasing the visibility of your competitors. So, investing SEO allows you to rank higher on search engines, stealing traffic from your competition and increasing your sales in the process.

The first step in your SEO journey is to pick out the package that fits your needs and your budget. SEO is a marathon, not a spring. It can take a few months for optimal results to start rolling in, that’s why we recommend that when you’re planning your budget you account for an SEO investment every month.

Not only because it’s worth it, but because every day that you spend higher than your competition in the rankings is a day when more customers are rolling in the door.

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