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Google Rankings

Investing in a website is all fine and dandy, but if nobody visits it, you’re wasting money. The same way that people try and get people into the door of their brick and mortar shop, you have to make an effort to get people to stop by your website. The best way? Search engine optimization. SEO is the best way to increase traffic and acquire new customers daily.

Google rankings matter, but getting to the top can be a complicated process. Business owners around the country have entrusted us with elevating their rankings and getting their business in front of more customers for the right search terms. We’ve been doing this for quite some time (over a decade, in fact) and we’ve mastered the art of search optimization.

This allows us to get you highly targeted traffic from the type of customers you want making the lead generation process and sale a breeze.


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Benefits of Our SEO Packages



All of our experience has led us to discover exactly how to get the job done. Not only have we done this before, but we’ve watched the search ecosystem change and grow over the years, positing us with a wealth of knowledge about how to pivot for every algorithm change and keep your business at the top of Google, and at the top of your game.


SEO Packages

Our packages come in three separate packages, giving you the freedom to choose how much you’re willing to invest in your SEO efforts. Each with their own amount of keyword selection and research, along with varying amounts of content creation, on-page/off-page optimization, contextual link building to get your website ranked. We know how to feed Google what it needs so that you can get traffic quicker and more reliably.


We’re highly strategic with how we pick out keywords and perform optimization. Each of our clients gets a tailor-made solution so that the right customers are coming to their site and the traffic they earn is the right type of clientele.

This strategy permeates to the content we create, where we target keywords associated with your niche. This only a part of the overall battle plan. Combine this with on-page and off-page optimization efforts and tactics and you have a gameplan that is ready to get your page ranked.

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SEO Case Study: 400% Increase in Organic Traffic

Satellite industries is one of the leading innovators in the portable sanitation industry. The Guerrilla Agency was able to increase their organic traffic by over 400%! We started with a custom SEO strategy that included targeting pages, creating new content and building high authority by using offsite relevant websites.


Supporting the Growth of Oregon Businesses Since 2011

We take pride in growing the businesses we work with and SEO is our tool of choice. Why? Because it works. It’s a great way for local businesses to take charge of their marketing efforts and create long-lasting results with continuing SEO investment.

Through our robust search optimization strategy, we foster growth through strategic means that will boost your rankings and increase your traffic. We began with humble beginnings, and we believe every local business has the opportunity to grow with the right SEO partner by their side.


Portland has become a major city over the past few decades, because of this there has been a ton of opportunity for businesses to acquire new potential customers. It’s an exciting time for the city. That being said, all of these new customers need to know about your business. Getting your business to rank on Google for relevant terms is the best way to harness the growth in Portland.


Smaller cities need SEO love too. Local businesses in smaller areas can really stand out by ranking high on search engines like Google. Because businesses in these areas are less likely to have a far-reaching reputation, people flock to search engines for answers. This where you can take advantage of and acquire new customers through SEO.



Getting Started

If you want to invest in your business in a digital era, you can’t ignore SEO. We offer three package tiers, each with their own amount of keywords and content you’re looking for. This gives you the freedom to decide how much you want to spend on your SEO efforts. The truth about SEO is that it’s an ongoing investment. Once you’ve reached your desired spot on Google rankings, you have to maintain it. If you go up, that means one of your competitors goes down.

Sustaining a ranking can be done for months, possibly years with the right attention. Once you see the traffic rolling in, you’ll be happy to have worked with The Guerrilla Agency.

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