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Search engine optimization was probably not part of your vet training. Thankfully, our SEO experts are here to help improve your website traffic so you focus on what matters most.

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Here at The Guerrilla Agency, we’re on a mission to change how people work together. We don’t just want your business. We want your goals, your challenges, and your vision. It’s our job to help you succeed. That’s why we start every partnership by investing in a relationship. By understanding what makes your veterinary hospital unique, we can craft an SEO campaign that works for you. Its that custom approach that allows us to guarantee results.


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Online visibility is an easy prop for marketing firms to sell, but we know you want more than just views. You want pet owners to discover your veterinary website, engage with your brand, and trust you with their animals. From day one, we’ll keep the end goal in mind.


Certified Nerds

It takes a special kind of person to understand veterinary marketing. Thankfully, there is no niche too technical for our staff. From vaccinations to examinations, we do our research to represent you well.


All in One

The Guerrilla Agency is a full-service marketing agency. Whether you need vet SEO, web design, advertising, or more, we have the skills to help. No more piecing together a strategy. We’ll work with you to create a seamless approach to improve your veterinary practice marketing.

SEO Case Study: Allina Health

When Allina launched their new innovation initiative, they needed a new and responsive website that matched their brands latest effort.

What Is Our Veterinary SEO Process?

We wish search engines could be won over by dog treats. Sadly, it’s not that simple. Our veterinary SEO process addresses the many ways that search engines like Google reward and penalize your content.

Our Services

Veterinary SEO + Advertising

Vet SEO isn’t the only way to market your practice. If you’re new to digital marketing, then you may also want to consider online advertising. Promoting ads on search engines and social media platforms can be a great way to generate leads fast. Also known as paid media, this approach works well in tandem with SEO strategy. While advertising provides a short-term boost, search engine results pages draw long term visibility to your veterinary practice website.

Veterinary SEO + Web Design

Another thing to consider about marketing your practice is web design. Even if your vet SEO is flawless, pet owners won’t become customers if they find your site bulky and hard to navigate. As meta as it may sound, considering user experience is essential. Yet having a quality site is a lot more than looks. To incorporate veterinary websites into our SEO campaigns, we build in analytic and structure tools. This helps us measure traffic performance and allows you to easily add pages as your practice continues to expand.

Veterinary SEO + Video Production

Videos are a great way to reach people. Whether it’s a quick introduction on your homepage or a shareable overview of your practice, they can both draw new pet owners and help engage the ones you already serve. Despite popular belief, video can also be a powerful part of your overall SEO strategy. A well-produced video can lead to lots of valuable backlinks and improved search results.

See For Yourself

Some agencies are all bark and no bite. If you’re curious about our track record, take a look at these customer reviews. With our people-first approach, our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Veterinarian SEO targets the market that will actually visit your practice–pet owners. Instead of wasting our time (and your money) on web users who don’t even have animals, we narrow in on the keywords and backlinks that will produce valuable leads. This approach includes using local SEO tactics, so you can reach pet owners in your area rather than those that live too far from your practice.

It depends. If you’re a New York or LA animal hospital, it may take longer than if you’re a rural veterinarian. The more competition you have, the longer it takes for search engines to recognize your site. That being said, it’s best to anticipate 2-3 months before you start seeing results.

A lot of search engines share similar SEO standard, but Google is like the Great Dane of search engines. Its an alpha dog that can be hard to persuade. Once you do, though, it can be a valuable ally. That’s why we base most of our tactics on Google and adapt to the rest as necessary.

Beware. This a type of search engine optimization that relies on means which violate a search engines’ terms of service. The term “Black Hat” is often used to refer to other illegitimate operates, such as criminal hackers. Instead of using the kind of things we’ve described on this page, people use hidden text, article spinning, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, link farms, and more to improve search results. While they are often successful, the consequences can be heavy. If a search engine catches on to this kind of behavior, it can penalize your site and make it that much harder to rank. That’s why it’s so important to avoid cheap SEO schemes, and instead choose an established agency. If you’ve had a bad experience with this kind of thing, give us a call, and we can help you remove any penalties you may have received. Here at The Guerrilla, we are a white hat firm and operate strictly on sanctioned methods for improving search engine optimization.

The algorithms used in search engines are constantly changing. For example, stuffing as many keywords on a page as possible used to work. Not any more. We have to write for people first because quality content is what’s rewarded. That’s why it’s so important to have experts who stay up to date on the latest trends. Using outdated SEO tactics is not only a waste of money but could hurt your search results.

We do. Social media is a great way to engage with pet owners. This platform offers both organic and paid marketing, so we can create a strategy that aligns with both your goals and your budget. Plus, veterinary practices are quite literally the easiest businesses to market. Cute puppies. Hello? Its a slam dunk.

SEO is for anyone whose customers use the internet. Even if you have a small marketing budget, we can create a strategy the works for you. Given the massive ROI from search engine optimization, we can make dollars stretch a lot further than other forms of digital marketing. So what’s stopping you? Let’s get started.

We get it. SEO can feel kind of overwhelming and complicated. Here at The Guerrilla, we believe in educating our clients throughout the entire process of working together. We’re not trying to hide our secrets from you. In fact, the more you know about SEO, the more we think you’ll appreciate what it can do for your practice. If you’re curious to learn more, check out our blog or give us a call. Seriously. If you can’t tell we love talking about this stuff by now, you will soon. Here’s our number: (612) 540-0177

We’ll give you three hints. Ready? 1) It’s cold here. 2) If you walk 50 paces in any direction, you’ll step into a lake. 3) Paul Bunyan. Yep! You guessed it. We are based in Minnesota. Whether that’s near or far from you, our SEO services defy state boundaries. That’s the great thing about SEO. It’s all online. But don’t worry. Our customer service is as personal as if we were right down the road. That’s MN nice.

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