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Captivate Your Audience With These Digital Marketing Tips

When you write a blog, your goal is to gain as many subscribers as possible by increasing traffic to your site. Whether you’re a blogger who’s been in the business for many years or are just getting started with your first site, you can probably benefit from some tips to make your blog engaging and attractive to readers. Here are some tips you can implement into your site to gain traffic and hopefully increase your subscriber list.

Use Quality Images

One of the easiest ways to attract people and make your blog interesting to readers is to include a variety of quality images to your posts and social media pages. Finding and using the right images can increase engagement when you share your posts on social media, which can boost the overall traffic to your website. If you have a good quality camera or know a dependable photographer who’s reasonable, you can capture images yourself that are most relevant to your posts. Otherwise, there are many sites online that have free images you can use.

Create an Engaging Website

Once people visit your page, you want to keep their interest piqued so they continue reading. To do that, you’ll want your website to be engaging, interesting, and visually-pleasing to look at. Websites that are cluttered or aren’t easy to navigate can turn people off and create a bad experience, causing them to leave or not return. You can pay a developer to build you a quality website if you have the budget, or you can make your own website by using different online page builders.

Get Personal

Your blog should spark a connection between you and your readers, which means you should write in a warm, conversational tone that readers can relate to. You may be tempted to show off your expertise by using jargon or complicated words, but they may be lost on your readers and leave them feeling disconnected. Instead, use simple words whenever you can and try to remember to keep your content at a 7th or 8th grade reading level, which is the average for most Americans.

Boost Engagement Through Video

Video is one of the most popular mediums for delivering content to people, so try to mix up your blog posts with both written word and video. When you create a video, be sure to share it to social media to boost engagement, since videos are most likely to attract an audience. If you don’t have a high-quality camera, you can use your phone’s camera to capture and share video easily.

Take Advantage of Social Media Scheduling

Pushing posts live to social media can be good for sharing some content, but you also don’t want to be tethered to your computer or phone 24/7. There are several social media tools that allow you to schedule posts across multiple platforms right from one place, so you can see what’s going out and where without having to visit multiple sites. These tools may also show you the best time to share your posts so you’re pushing out content at the optimal times to increase engagement.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Your overall goal as a blogger is likely to increase the number of people who subscribe to your page. Don’t forget your overall goal as a blogger, and remember to create hard calls to action on each post. Make the subscribe button easy to find on your website, and when you create video, ask people to subscribe at the end of each one. You should also be prepared to keep your content fresh so that people don’t lose interest once they subscribe. Whenever you have a new post, share it on social media so people know there’s something new.

Being a successful blogger can be fun if you have the right tips in place to help you out. Use these tips and your blog should see an increase in readers and subscribers.