3 Content Marketing Trends


Quality content is the foundation of a great online web presence. From your website to your blog posts, emails and more, every piece of content helps to create an impression on readers and search engines.

Unfortunately, content doesn’t help your site overnight. Great content takes about six months to show an increase in traffic. Trust me, I understand – in the world of Internet marketing, six months can feel like forever! Often, Internet marketers become impatient and change course, even if there’s no evidence of success or failure.

If you’re patient, however, your content marketing efforts can pay off with an increase in brand awareness, audience reach and, most importantly, conversions.

Below are three content marketing trends I recommend. Each is backed by case studies and data. This guide not only explains each strategy in clear detail but also gives you tips on how the easiest way to implement these strategies yourself.

1. Online Video is the on the Rise

Online video is the web’s fastest growing type of content. One major reason for this is the ever-expanding use of mobile devices. Lengthy blocks of text can be confusing and annoying to read on a small screen.

Looking for an effective way to include videos on your site? Try creating how-to videos which explain complicated subjects. For instance, baking a cake (if you’re a beginner) can seem pretty daunting to read about. Food Network’s short video, however, shows you exactly what to do.

2. Not All Content Needs to be Free

This probably seems like a crazy idea. After all, the entire Internet is basically built around free information. But more and more consumers have shown a willingness to pay for certain types of content.

Educational content is the biggest category here. People won’t pay much for entertainment, as evidenced by the popularity of various torrent sites, but they will pay for guides and e-books. Consumers will pay for info which promises to teach them how to make money in the future.

You want to sell quality information in the form of an e-book, white paper, video conference, webinar or whatever format your potential customers prefer. You might not have to create this content out of whole cloth, either. Many businesses use their existing pages and blog posts as a foundation to expand on.

3. Personalize and Increase Conversions

All potential customers want to feel valued, recognized and unique. This is called Personalization. Using certain techniques on your site and in your marketing can create a one-of-a-kind experience for every customer.

Personalized marketing increases brand loyalty, engagement and conversions. A customer who feels a connection with a brand is more like to return later and make other purchases.

There are many ways to personalize the customer experience. The most common categories are the customer’s:

  • Age
  • Geographic Location
  • Device Used (mobile, desktop, etc.)
  • Referral Source
  • Keywords Searched

There are plenty of ways to use this information. You can personalize email newsletters, product recommendations and even blog posts.

For more info on how to identify and connect with your audience, check out The Power of Buyer Personas.

The Power of Content

Optimizing your site to generate organic search traffic is the primary focus for many online businesses. While SEO certainly has an invaluable place, don’t forget about the power of content. Organic traffic will drive people to your site, but the right type of content is what builds a connection to your brand.

Research your potential customer base. Learn what information they want, and what format they prefer. Personalize your content, publish at least some of it in video form and don’t be afraid to charge for more in-depth information.

Content can take a few months to show results. But if you’re patient, and do your research beforehand, you can create content which will set you up for success.