The Secret Powers of Data-Driven Content

Even if you’re not very familiar with SEO strategies, you probably understand the importance of content. Fresh, engaging content published on a regular basis accomplishes two goals: Your site’s position in the search results increases and your connection with customers deepens.

If you’re a business owner, you’ll probably get the best results by hiring an SEO professional to manage and create your content. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be involved at all.

After all, nobody understands your business better than you do. Your expertise is a valuable resource. You can help suggest topics, add information and otherwise make your content stand out from the competition.

Let’s take a look at how professional internet marketers create data-driven content which connects with an audience. Even if you’re not creating the content yourself, understanding the content creation process can give you a valuable edge.

Identifying Popular Blog Topics

Most of the content on your site will be blog posts. They’re relatively fast and easy to create. This is important because you always want your content to feel new and relevant.

Internet marketers have a few tips to identify popular topics in any industry. One popular tool is Buzzsumo, which helps identify trending topics.

Identifying popular topics is an important first step. But great content doesn’t just chase popular trends. You want the content on your site to help set the general discussion topics in your industry.

What topics are interesting to your audience but which aren’t being talked about? This is where a business owner’s expertise adds a lot of value. You can help identify more obscure topics which only a true industry insider would know.

Topics, Angle and Slant

Finding a topic is actually just the first part. We also want to shape the topic to fit the interests of our audience. This means we create a topic, angle and slant:

  • Topic – The main subject
  • Angle – The major idea related to the subject
  • Slant – The specific point of view

Let’s take a look at an example:

  • Topic – Social Media SEO
  • Angle – Pinterest can help you connect with an audience
  • Slant – For the right brand, Pinterest is the best social media platform to be on

Basically, the topic is narrowed and then given some unique take. For instance, the example above isn’t just saying that Pinterest offers marketing opportunities. It’s saying that, for some brands, Pinterest is actually the best option.

(By the way, if the article sounds interesting to you, check it out here at Is Pinterest the Right Platform for Your Brand?)

The Right Research Get the Right Results

Another key to creating successful content is research. This is another way the business owner can really help. You can point the internet marketer towards more obscure sources of info about your industry.

Industry influencers are important here. These are people connected to your industry who your customer base trusts. In many cases, industry influencers are bloggers, reviewers or other personalities. You’re probably aware of some industry influencers in your niche. Check out the Guest Blogging Strategy Guide for more info.

Credibility Builds Trust

Readers will notice what types of sources you link to. If you link to bad sources, your credibility will suffer. On the other hand, links to trusted, high-quality sources help increase your brand’s legitimacy.

What’s a trusted source? .edu and .gov sites are usually highly credible. You can find reputable studies and articles from Google Scholar. Another academic research tool many marketers use is

Predictable Posting Builds an Audience

Readers are more likely to return if they know when they’ll be able to find new content. A consistent posting schedule helps build an audience. The best posting schedule for your content will depend on your brand.

Feedback Determines the Future

Think of content creation like a snowball rolling down a hill. The more content you create, the easier it is to grow your presence online. When you determine what content is finding an audience, you can then use that info to create even more content in a similar vein.

For instance, if your most popular content is a long-form piece, your audience might want longer content in general. Maybe they show a fondness for something else, like guides? The more content published, the more data which becomes available.

Developing content is an on-going process. While you’ll most likely want to hire internet marketing professionals to handle the bulk of the work, don’t be afraid to get involved. Your industry know-how is a valuable tool.

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