Spice Up a Boring Content Marketing Campaign

Your content marketing campaign is moving along just fine and new traffic is coming to your website all the time.

All of a sudden – BAM! – you hit a brick wall and the results stop coming in. You try to get back on track with your go-to content marketing techniques, but despite your best efforts, you don’t see any change.

Doing the same things time after time again lets your content grow stagnant. Your audience notices and loses excitement and interest in your website.

Luckily, regaining their interest is simple. Below we show you how to spice up a boring content marketing campaign with a few quick steps.

1. Different Blogging Techniques

Blogging is still the king of online content. It’s the tried and true cornerstone of online marketing.

Yet text posts can quickly get boring, especially when you fail to bring exciting new information to the table with each post.

Add a little spice to your blog by incorporating the following tips:

  • Add Images – No one (not even your ideal customer) wants to read a blog post that’s 100% text. According to Shout Me Loud, adding plenty of high-quality images to your posts is the easiest way to increase user engagement and interest.
  • Go Deep – Thin content is an online marketing no-no. Not only is it boring for readers, it’s also bad for SEO. Make an effort to go deep and differentiate your content from your competitors. Strive to create an authoritative resource that brings new information to the table.
  • Go Long – Short and sweet content is great, but it’s much more beneficial when paired with long-form content. Blog posts of several thousand words (or more) performs better in search engine rankings. In addition, long content often comes naturally with deep, authoritative content.

2. Video Content Marketing

75 million Americans watch online videos every day, according to Cloudswave.

Ascend2 adds that video content boosts traffic by up to 55% and is more effective than traditional content for nearly 87% of businesses.

What we’re trying to say is that you need to experiment with video content for your small business if you haven’t already. The user engagement benefits of video content are too great to pass over.

Luckily, creating video content isn’t difficult. All that it takes is a short and sweet video (approximately 30 seconds) to effectively deliver your message.

Include a clear and exciting call to action and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.

The Content Marketing Institutes provides numerous ideas and examples for video content for your marketing campaign.

3. Social Media Marketing

Content marketing doesn’t only have to mean the content you create for your own website and blog.

It also covers everything you post to social media. Becoming more active on social media is one of the best ways to spice up an otherwise boring content marketing campaign.

For starters, create accounts for all the top social media platforms if you haven’t already. Start playing around on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to see what type of social media content works best for your audience.
If you’re already active on these top social media sites, consider trying a new, more niche platform. Visual social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are particularly effective with today’s audiences that love image and video content.

My recent post on using social media to build your brand will help you get a good start.

4. Influencer Marketing

There’s no better way to build excitement about your small business than by gaining the endorsement of a celebrity.

No, we don’t mean a Brad Pitt or an Oprah. Rather, seek out the top names in your particular field or niche. Your audience is likely familiar with these social influencers and follows them closely.

According to TapInfluence, the best way to utilize influencer marketing is by asking a leader in your niche to promote your blog, social media account, etc. Even a simple Tweet from such a person can lead to a massive increase in traffic to your website.

Another way to utilize influencer marketing is by guest posting. Write a guest post on an influential blogger’s blog to increase your reputability as an authority in your industry.

Include a byline with a link to your website/blog on your guest blog post and you’ll likely experience a serious spike in traffic.

My in-depth guest blogging outreach strategy guide will teach you everything you need to know about creating an effective guest blogging strategy.

5. Free Giveaway

Who doesn’t like to get free stuff?

The answer to that question is not many people. The vast majority of people love to get free stuff, even if it’s not necessarily something they thought they needed.
That’s what makes a free giveaway such an effective way to ramp up a boring content marketing campaign. It ramps up the excitement of your audience and brings more eyes to your website.

Time Magazine states that businesses that utilize a free giveaway often experience a spike in the number of people buying their products. Customers simply feel obligated to buy more when they get something for free.

The organization also states that free giveaways get people talking. They’ll share about the giveaway on social media to spread some of the love. Their followers are then much more likely to check your website out and sign up for the free giveaway themselves.

A free giveaway is an effective way to stir up interest about your company without really changing much as far as your content marketing campaign goes.

Final Thoughts

Boring content might be easier and less time-consuming to create. But it’s just that – boring.

And with so much exciting, top-quality content available online, your audience is going to look elsewhere if they don’t like what they see on your website.

That’s why maintaining an interesting and engaging content marketing campaign is so important. Take note of the tips outlined above to give your efforts that hint of spice they need to continue informing and entertaining your audience.