6 Reasons Why You Need Local SEO Services

A lot of business owners make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need an SEO professional to help them with their local SEO efforts. SEO takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you aren’t a professional in the field yourself. Here are six things that indicate that you need local SEO experts to give you a hand:

1 – You put all the information regarding your business locations on a single webpage
One mistake that many amateurs make is including all the information regarding different business locals on a single webpage. This limits your potential for local visibility by quite a bit. It’s a better idea to create a unique web page for each location so that you can target specific keywords and create a more descriptive title tag and meta description. You won’t be able to do this when all of your locations are included in one page.

2 –  You don’t have any metrics on local search-driven traffic
Metrics are incredibly important. If you don’t keep numbers on your local landing pages, you won’t know how effective (or ineffective) they are. It’s about time to think about bringing a local SEO expert in if you are unable to get a start on local analytics yourself. You can learn quite a bit with two sources of data in particular – maps and organic local traffic. It’s incredibly important for you to keep track of the numbers on both of these things so that you have insight on the performance of each location.

3 – You don’t know what to do about your business citations
Business citations are more important than you’d think. If they aren’t clear, concise, and consistent across the web, you’ll pay the price in your local SEO. Citations are high up on the list of importance for the local pack as well as organic rankings.

4 – You haven’t been keeping an eye on your online reviews
Just because you don’t know what people are saying about you online doesn’t mean people aren’t talking. Your business reputation matters. Potential customers are going to take your online reviews into consideration when deciding whether or not to work with you. 9 out of 10 customers read online reviews prior to visiting a business. 7 out of 10 say that positive reviews increase their trust factor. If you haven’t paid any attention to your online reviews, you may want to bring someone on board who will.

5 – You don’t know how to build inbound links
One of the most important factors for ranking is inbound links. Your location pages, in particular, need to score backlinks. Strong backlinks will increase your domain authority and relevance for certain locations. There are so many ways to earn local backlinks. Getting good quality ones, however, are going to take time and energy. It’s a good idea to hire a professional to do it for you.

6 – You don’t have the resources to dedicate to local SEO
SEO takes time. Even if you’ve got the skills to cope with the first five things on this list, do you have the time and resources to take care of it yourself? The majority of business owners simply do not. They also don’t have the resources to hire in-house teams to do it. This is where local search services come in. An agency can dedicate their time and energy to ensuring you scale the local ranks. You can’t afford to forget about local SEO. If you do, you’ll be losing a lot of potential profit.

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