How You Can Boost Your Google Ranking With Local SEO

Local search engine optimization can be quite complex. Even if you are the most tech-savvy business owner, there can be a few things that you will have to understand in order to be truly successful. SEO is important to marketing any business; it will bring the customers to you. Investing in the right keywords can get you a ton of organic traffic. Optimizing your SEO to be more location specific in order to attract locals to your business can lead to better success. Here are some ways that you can start to implement local SEO:


Local search engines will use your company’s number, address, and phone number (NAP) to acknowledge the existence of your business. If you want to validate your presence, you will need to make sure that your search engine can confirm your location. In order to increase your presence on search engines, you will want to make sure that your data is aligned. Your NAP has to be consistent throughout all listings. Having consistent information will be crucial in getting the approval of local search engines. Yes, it’s inevitable that business information may change, but when you do get the information changed, try to keep all platforms online updated as well. Don’t forget – your NAP  will affect your customers. If you are changing your business name, number, or address, you will want to make sure to track down all the information online in order to update it. Always ensure that your NAP is up to date to enjoy a strong online presence.

Build Up Your Social Media Presence

Every business should already be on social media. But if you want to boost your local customer base, you will definitely want to establish a proper presence there. Having a functioning website and being active on social media can definitely boost your local SEO ranking. By providing your customers with content and posts on your social media, not only will it increase engagement, but it will bring you success for local SEO.

Customer Satisfaction

Having a consistent NAP and being active on social media will bring you more customers, meaning that you will have more feedback. Customers want to choose a company that they know they can trust. If you want to look trustworthy to any potential customers, you will want to make sure that you have some reviews. Try asking previously satisfied customers to rate and review you on multiple online platforms. You cannot control what people say or rate you, but it is important that you show engagement to any reviews that might be left, even the negative ones. Since you will be aiming for the local crowd, there may be mutual friends that are looking at your products or services. Word of mouth is the best way to earn trust. Keep giving your customers quality services or products so that you can earn some reviews, and it may be exactly what helps you to seal the deal with a potential customer.

Local SEO can be quite a tough task but with professionals handling it for you, making sure all of your company information is consistent and taking the right steps to increase your ranking for the SEO in your local area, you will have a recipe for success!

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