7 Photoshop Resources You Probably Didn’t Know About

There are resources out on the internet to help you become a better graphic designer. If you want to succeed online, you need to use the right photoshop resources.

People are inherently visual. Being able to use the right imagery to draw them in is essential to succeeding in a competitive medium.

The right resources can help you in two ways. The first is by making you a photoshop expert: if you want to build a strong online reputation, you’ll want to have the right tools by your side.

Luckily, these seven resources can take you a long way.

Adobe’s Free Photoshop Resources

Before you start using unique plugins, you need tutorials. The best photoshop resources don’t just give you new things. They show you how to use what you already have.

And if you’re going to look for these items, it’s best to go right to the source. This where Adobe comes in.

Adobe offers a number of guides to users looking to make the most out of their photoshop experience.

This essential. Making high-quality advancements with any piece of software isn’t just about what you can get others to do for you. It’s about what you can manage to do yourself.

Ultimately, the best way to test the limits of the application is through the use of tutorials. From there, you can figure out which photoshop resources you need.


Like Adobe, Lynda is a company that wants to provide helpful software tutorials. The focus here, once again, is on giving you a firm grounding in the use of the software.

The difference between Adobe and Lynda is one of scale. You can learn a lot more by using Lynda, which teaches about a variety of software types and even other areas of expertise.

That means that on top of tutorials for photoshop, you can get them for business and photography.

This an essential service. Because using Photoshop isn’t just about using one piece of software. It’s about leveraging the technology you have available to you to create a powerful online presence. And the best way to do that is by taking tutorials with Lynda.

The Plugin Site

Finding great photoshop resources means understanding that people can innovate. While Adobe is a great and powerful company, they are also not the sole authority on their program.

There have been a lot of efforts to develop independent plugins for the software we use. Everything from new filters and fonts to revolutionary tools can be found from independent creators.

One of the best resources for finding these innovations is The Plugin Site.

When you support The Plugin Site, you don’t just get photoshop resources.

You also get a variety of tools for other programs that will put you far ahead of the curb. And on top of gaining a new ability to create, you’ll be supporting the creation and improvement efforts of the indie crowd.


Tutorial9 is another great location for tutorials. Filled to the brim with educational resources, it’s sure to help you learn more about Photoshop and how to use it.

But the edge of this platform is that it’s designed for the pros. Even designers visit the site and learn something new every day. And if it can make their job easier, it can make your job easier.

While it is designed for the photo editing professionals of the world, Tutorial9 doesn’t cut off the less experienced members of its audience. Its writing is easily accessible and even entertaining. So make sure you treat it as a valuable and important resource in your Photoshop education.

Topaz Studio

Topaz studio is one of the best Photoshop resources for a speedy world. It promises to make it easier to edit quickly, and it succeeds at this goal.

Overall, topaz delivers an efficient and even enjoyable plugin to use. Whether you’re interested in doing some easy and quick writing or going more in depth, they can help.

The free software alone is perfect for anybody who wants to experiment with their photography. Offering everything from basic enhancements to the ability to create a vintage film effect, this really something that needs to be seen to be believed.

PSD Learning

Blogs can be some of the best photoshop resources out there. By offering easy to digest content with an eye towards business, PSD Learning is absolutely amazing.

The blog’s main focus is on design principles. In that respect, it’s perfect for people who know how to use the software, but not how to handle creative fundamentals.

Because most business owners are not artists, this can apply to a number of people. And being able to turn their attention towards the most effective aspects of design is absolutely crucial.

In addition, it’s highly important for a blog to put these ideas into the framing of a business. This makes it far easier to realize that these aren’t just nice design ideas: they’re vibrant and applicable investments.

Easy Mockups

It’s incredibly important to create visuals that are well-designed for mobile devices. But it can also be incredibly difficult. Luckily, there is software that can help you build designs that are perfect for iOS.

This essential in today’s business environment for two reasons.

The first is the fact that millennials are the most powerful and important consumer demographic. With their continued growth, it’s important to meet them on their preferred platforms.

The second is the fact that even older audiences are becoming more likely to use mobile browsers and tablets than desktops and laptops. Both young and old must be engaged on mobile platforms.