Super List of Web Design Inspiration

It’s more than clear that a lot of blogs like to display web design inspiration and have some type of list showing the 50 best blog designs, or the 30 best blue web designs. These lists are really helpful font of inspiration specially if it fits the project you working on at the moment. Instead of going into a css gallery to search for inspiration, why not open a list with a certain amount of web designs based on a theme selected by the blogger?

Here you will see a list of these listing post, this post will serve as your start up page for inspirations where you can go many ways and find tons of great web design within its listings.

The important thing about list and the main reason why I like to keep them around is the fact that certain list may not be so efficient for you at the moment, but later it can turn into the best source of inspiration you could have.

Listed by Colors

55 Beautiful Green Layouts in Web Design – Abduzeedo
Great display of green web designs of all tones, really great inspiration base on a single color.

50 Monochromatic Website Designs – WebDesignerDepot
Monochromatic websites from different colors including Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Brown, Green, and Grayscale.

52 Beautiful Blue Layouts in Web Design – Abduzeedo
Great display of blue web designs of all tones, really great inspiration base on a single color.

25 Kick Ass Purple Portfolio Website Designs – Spyre Studios
Great collection of portfolio web designs that use the color purple to the foulest.

35 Black Web Designs that show us that once you go black you never go back – Abduzeedo
Very nice and original collection of black and black only websites.

Graphic Design School Atlanta
The Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur is a premiere graphic design school. Get a head start on your future today!

Listed by Style

50 Beautiful Websites with Illustrated Landscapes – WebDesignerDepot
If you like to take a lay back style on your website here is a great font of inspiration where you can view plenty of different styles of illustrations on web design.

100 Websites with Outstanding Artistic Design – WebDesignerDepot
If you wonder where is the art on the web here is a place to find it, truly awesome how these implement art on their designs.

Grunge in Web Design: Samples and Best Practices – Spyre Studios
Great instructional list showing very original mix of grunge web designs with the use of grid.

22 Web Designs Inspired by – WebDesignerDepot
Web Designs that are similar or were inspired by the apple website.

35 Beautiful Water-themed Web Designs for Inspiration – Six Revisions
Good inspiration if you looking into blue websites with some water elements.

Listed by Category

35 Inspirational Fashion Website Designs – WebDesignerDepot
This list features not only plenty of fashion design websites but most of them are e-commerce with brings this fashion inspiration to another level.

50 Excellent Corporate Website Designs – WebDesignerDepot
This list you can see how 50 different companies use their websites to approach their clients and display their services.

Of course these are not all the lists on the web, I selected lists from good websites (mostly within the SmashingMagazine Network). Overall there are over 600 web designs listed and I’m sure you not aware of some of them, go straight to the inspiration you like and enjoy!