The 10 Best Blogger Apps Every Blogger Should Know

Is the admin associated with your blog making you want to throw your hands in the air and abandon your craft forever?

Your life seems to be a never-ending reel of editing, linking, relationship building, task management, optimization, and overall overthinking of every little thing.

Even experienced bloggers only spend about a third of their blogging time actually writing. The rest is in the details.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Make life easier with these must-have blogger apps so you can focus on what you do best when inspiration strikes.

Pre-Publishing Blogger Apps

These awesome tools can reduce the hours you spend fine-tuning your blog before you press the publish button.

Cut down on the time it takes to build links, find great keywords, and even avoid being a copycat with our shortlist of the best blogger apps.

1. KParser for Keywords

This free tool doesn’t require registration and returns the motherlode of keywords for Google, Bing, eBay, Amazon and YouTube.

It’s the perfect fit for bloggers who make money online using any of these platforms. With the paid Pro version you have a choice of 248 countries and 38 languages and more advanced filtering options.

Even the free version has a great range of filters for churning out long tail keywords or searching for keyword-based questions.

2. Evernote

Gone are the days of carrying a notebook and pen with you. Evernote is one of the most popular blogger apps for when an idea strikes outside of office hours. It is available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Enhanced features of this simple tool include the ability to share information across other devices and apps, set reminders, and save links.

3. Preventing Plagiarism Fallout

As the web continues to grow, chances are you and someone else may have phrased something in exactly the same way. No matter how accidental this duplicate content is, it can harm your reputation and your rankings.

PlagiarismCheck is one of the ultimate blogger apps to keep you squeaky clean when it comes to plagiarism. Once you have registered, you can access it online anywhere for quick access to detailed plagiarism reports.

Picking Up The Pieces After Publication

For bloggers, a lot of the hard slog happens after the fact, with promoting your posts and other non-writing related tasks. The following blogger apps will take the sting out of your post publication blues.

4. Drum Up Library

Unless you put in the effort to push your posts on social media, they soon end up long-forgotten and lost in the wasteland of the web.

By adding them to Drum Up library, you save yourself all the effort of constant promotion. At the same time you still keep control over how your work is presented.

With this app, you simply compose a number of social media posts, choose suitable images, and select when they will be posted and reposted. Leave the rest to the app – no reminders required.

5. IFTTT (If This Then That)

Admit, you’ve always craved a personal assistant to handle all those tedious routine tasks that being a blogger entails.

IFTTT is at your service with an almost unlimited range of applications. You can set it up to perform a host of things depending on other things. For example, IF you publish a blog THEN it will be posted on Facebook and Google +, Tweeted and so on.

6. Whatagraph Daily Emails

Keep up to date with all your Google Analytics data without a second thought.

Whatagraph can be set up in conjunction with your existing Google Analytics account to send you useful graphics on all the things you need to know every day.

This awesome app takes all the hard work out of analyzing your hard work, in an easily understood format you can use straight away.

One of the best features of Whatagraph is that it automatically analyzes traffic to your blogs. With this app you can pick up at a glance which blogs are receiving attention and where it is coming from.

7. Hootsuite

The ultimate app for bloggers, Hootsuite offers a wide range of functions from one simple dashboard.

Hootsuite lets you manage your social media like a pro with ways to schedule posts, track your ROI, collaborate, handle analytics, and keep tabs on social mentions, among other things.

This app also helps you to integrate your existing tools with 250 other apps to make your social life easier.

8. Pushbullet

This app is long overdue for time- and data-stressed bloggers. Now you can share a file across your devices without syncing your whole Dropbox every time.

Pushbullet works on all smartphones and most browsers. It even allows you to send text messages to your phone from your desktop and receive notifications from your phone on your desktop or in your browser.

9. Snapseed For Images

Finding great images for your blog isn’t easy. In fact, sometimes you have to go out and take them yourself.

With the Snapseed app you can snap away and edit your images right there on your iPhone or Android device.

Handy features like color and light balance, filters, edit history, and even a healing brush are literally at your fingertips with this handy app from Google.

10. WordPress Apps

The darling of bloggers everywhere, WordPress now comes with a host of smartphone-friendly apps that allow you to blog on the go.

You can write and edit your blogs, get push notifications, manage comments, and share photos with useful additions.

Unless you want to make use of the stats facility of these apps, you don’t need to install JetPack or create a account.

There Are Plenty More

This just a small selection of the nice-to-have apps which make your job as a blogger easier. There are many more available to cover almost every aspect of blogging, SEO, and metrics. Which are your favorites?

Keep checking back for more advice or follow us Twitter. We’re full of great ideas to improve your SEO, make your job easier and get your blog up where it belongs.