How to Build Links to a Fitness Blog

The fitness industry is relatively competitive when compared to other niches with a similar number of blogs. This means that it’s tough for blogs to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing without a considerable amount of backlinks.

Links to your pages act as ‘votes’ from other websites, authenticating the quality of your content and encouraging the search engines to rank your site higher.

Therefore, your goal should be to gain as many backlinks from high quality websites as possible. This will help your pages to rank for your most competitive keywords and bring in more organic traffic.

Interacting Within the Community

The first method for building backlinks to a fitness blog is merely interacting with the community. The fitness world is enormous, and this means that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of forums which you can post in.

Each of these forums has thousands of members who are interested in fitness, improving their bodies and getting advice from more experienced members.

By helping other members, you have a good excuse for posting links back to your webpages where you have advice that is helpful for that individual.

Not only that but by helping out other members you make it far more likely that they will purchase any of the products or services that you have for sale. This can work incredibly well, especially for blogs that sell fitness services like meal plans or workout programs.

Guest Posting

Guest posting, sometimes called guest blogging, is the practice of writing articles for other websites to post. This allows you to include a link within the body of the article back to one of your pages. These links can be incredibly powerful.

Presuming that you’ve already been interacting with the community, guest posting can be easy to start because you already have a relationship with other blog owners.

Even if you don’t, you can reach out to a few other blog owners through email or social media, offering to write a high quality article for their blog on a topic that they haven’t covered. This tactic works so well because you’re trading value, they get an excellent article, and you get a link for your efforts.

Links from within the body of an article are far more valuable than any other location on the page, and because of that, you should point them to pages that target difficult keywords.

Creating Fitness Videos that Provide Specific Value

Plenty of other blogs and fitness celebrities already create videos, but most of them fail to provide specific value. Rather than simply filming yourself training, create short, detailed and insightful clips that solve a specific problem for your audience.

Are people experiencing pain in their outer arm when bicep curling? Do they need to know how to get faster at skating? Maybe they can’t nail the squatting technique?

Focus on giving specific value to your audience, and your content becomes far more likable. People will rarely link to videos of you just doing a workout, but if you explain a specific topic, then that is far more likely to be linked too.

Creating Instructional Posts for Content Marketing

Similarly, you should be applying the same logic to your blog posts. Instructional and informational content gets far more links than any other type of content, so, focus on writing articles that explain a solution to your audience.

This makes it far easier to market your content because the audience is more niched.

If you are explaining how to fix a specific problem that people face when they squat, you know that you should only market that article to people who squat and who suffer that issue.

On the other hand, if you were only creating generic workout videos and articles you have a much broader audience, but they are nowhere near as interested in the post.

This works in reverse too, if you see people in your community complaining about an issue, they are facing you should create a post or video for them individually. This provides overwhelming value for that individual, but they almost certainly aren’t the only ones suffering that issue.