8 Tips to Succeed with your Guest Blogging Strategy


1- Always write for a blog bigger than yours.

It is one of the keys of your authority. Google, Alexa or Ahrefs will help.


2- Your niche is uncommon?

To find a site that accepts guest post, just google your topic followed by “write for us”.


3- Always provide a post idea.

Bloggers have no time to tell you what they need. Surprise them!


4- Don’t guest post if you have no content on your website, unless you’re already famous.

Prove your credibility. Write 4 or 5 quality articles before submitting guest posts


5- Read the guidelines.

All their requirements will be covered in the blog’s guest posting guideline.


6- Connect with publishers on Twitter.

If they already know you, your proposals will be accepted more easily.


7- Don’t make spelling and grammar mistakes.

Fiverr is full of editors who can check over your article for $5.


8- Stay cool if you don’t get a fast answer.

Saying “publish my article now or I’ll propose it somewhere else » is not a successful strategy.

For a full explanation on guest post outreach checkout my our depth guide.