Increase Customers without Spending a Dime

Internet Marketing is different than every other type of marketing in one major aspect. Unlike marketing for TV, radio or print, Internet marketing isn’t as nearly as dependent on a big budget.

Online advertising is definitely an effective tool. But it’s not the only tool, or even the most important.

Expert SEO practices can level the playing field between brands of every size. Here are some simple, free ways you can increase your brand’s reach and customer base:

Blog Posts


Usually, the only cost associated with writing a blog post is time. Fortunately, a well-written blog is an investment which pays off in the long-term.

Looking for topics? Check out blogs from both your competition and industry experts. I’ve also found great topics by using Buzzsumo. This tool lets you easily find a wealth of content based on subject.

When creating your own content, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Find popular posts and improve them. You can add updated information, a unique angle or even just increased readability.

Guest Posting

Don’t just publish content on your own sites. Instead, you’ll want to create content for others. This will increase your brand visibility and help establish your authority in your industry.

You’ll need to find websites related to the product or service you provide. These will usually be industry specific sites, not direct competitors.

Everyone wants quality content. If you’re able to create interesting, engaging blog posts, many sites will be happy to publish them.

Usually an introductory email, with a pitch for your post, is the best course of action. When writing for other sites, be sure and follow their editorial rules exactly. Sites will likely reject posts which don’t fit into their existing tone and theme.

You’ll also want to spend some time developing an Author Bio. Share more than a few simple sentences. Elaborate on your background in your industry. Readers want to hear from a knowledgeable expert.

Host a Webinar


Webinars are an easy, interactive way to connect with an audience. If you don’t have a large audience of potential customers build up yet, running a joint webinar is often an excellent option. Try to find someone in your industry who has an established audience.

Of course, you have to bring value to your webinar partner. This can be useful knowledge, your loyal audience or something else entirely.

Not every webinar has to be designed around immediate sales. A free webinar is an excellent way to boost brand awareness. You don’t have to push a specific product or service in order to receive a long-term benefit in the form of customer engagement.

Host a Podcast (or be a Guest on One)

There are over a billion podcasts on the web. The chances are good a few are dedicated to your industry, no matter what that industry is.

You should reach out to popular podcasts which are related to the product or service you provide. Ask if you can be a guest. Podcasters are always on the look-out for material. Most will likely to be delighted to hear from an expert in the industry.

You can also create your own podcast. This does require time and effort, but a regular podcast can really boost your brand awareness.

Be Active on Social Media


You want to post content on your social media platforms at least three times a week. These can be posts created entirely for the platform or as a link to some other content, such as your latest blog or podcast.

You’ll also want to engage with people who comment. Even something as simple as “Thanks for the tip!” can create a positive impression. Of course, you should always try to answer questions and respond thoughtfully.

Respond to complaints, too. I understand that sometimes complaints can be a little odd. This the Internet, and sometimes people get way too angry. But if you remain polite and professional, other potential customers will notice.

SEO techniques don’t have to bust your budget. The four techniques listed above don’t cost a time, but can make you rich with customer engagement.