3 Things Your Small Business Website Should Include

Any small business that is seeking to increase its sales can do one of two things: either expand their business with more locations or go online. Considering the sheer amount of work, money, and time that would go into opening another physical outlet, going online seems like a far better solution to this problem. By building a website you gain a ton of benefits, ranging from a wider market for your goods to being open at all hours, even when your physical store is not open. A small business website is a major deal and there are a few things that every small business website should seek to have as essential to their continued success. As the owner of a small business, you should try to include the following in your small business website.

A Well-Defined Home Page

This page should be the landing page for anyone visiting your site. You should have a simple name for the site, something that’s easy to remember and that fits on business cards easily. You should also try to present the newest products that you have and utilize visual media such as movies and videos to add spice to this home page. This will most likely be the reason a person visiting your page stays there. In order to make it worthwhile, you should make sure that your home page is where a user can easily access the other pages in your site. Having a product search also aids things since it allows users to get to the things you have for sale and check out your inventory at their leisure. Which brings us to the second important thing a small business website should include.

Proper Product Descriptions

When someone is looking for a screw online they can’t very well randomly pick one and see if it fits the fixture they want to it fit. Whether it’s screws or doors, you can’t know what you’re looking at from just a picture, even with a scaled image. That’s why proper product descriptions including sizing information and other useful data should be included on a website. For a user to be confident in what they’re buying, they have to know exactly what they’re getting and your website should try to cater to those customers that aren’t physically there to see the products themselves.

Customer Feedback

No small business website would be complete without a customer feedback form where customers can talk about what they liked and what they disliked about your website or your service itself. Why this important relies on two factors. Firstly, it allows a customer to have input into how policy of the business changes. If one issue constantly comes up then it should be addressed in order to raise the reputation of the business. Secondly, it allows for customer interaction. Consumers don’t think of businesses as people, but a single person dealing with their issue is more important to them. This gives them a face behind the company and increases their customer loyalty.

Having a Business Website is Vital

Building a small business website isn’t as difficult as some make it out to be. As more and more businesses start using websites as a means of generating leads and increasing traffic having one that is professional and covers the basic needs of your own small business is essential.