A Showcase of Beautifully Crafted, Free UI Kits

When building a web app it’s important to keep in mind how much of its success is built on having a thoughtfully designed, well laid out and instantly usable user interface. A bad UI can ruin an otherwise fantastic app, and can cause more people to abandon it. Of course, the opposite is true too – great UIs can encourage use, and can mean more sales and more people talking about and sharing your app.

But designing a user interface is also a lot of work. Drop-down menus, radio buttons, checkmarks and form fields can all be fiddly and challenging to get right, and can often take a huge amount of time to design properly. You can – however – cheat, by using a beautifully designed UI kit right from the start. UI kits won’t automatically make your app usable – you’ll need to think about how everything is located and accessed by users first – but it’s a good start and can help to get you up and running with a beautiful design quickly. We’ve brought together a showcase of beautifully crafted, free and expertly designed UI kits to help you on your way with producing a great user experience.

Cloudy UI Kit

UI Kit

UI Kit by Mani

UI Elements

Pizza UI Kit


UI Kit

Form UI

Minimal UI


Crisp UI Kit

Tron UI

Hanna UI


Chutzpah UI