Email Nurturing

How we put our email list on autopilot

When it comes to people opting into your email list, you pretty much have one chance.

The unsubscribe button isn’t bigger than the subscribe button, but one bad experience and it’ll get clicked quick. Email inboxes are cluttered enough with junk that provides nothing but congestion.

If they open up yours, you better make it count.

We’re not being too dramatic are we? Ok, maybe a little.

But people are quick to hit that unsubscribe button and never give a second thought to your existence or the value you were attempting to provide.

That is if you do it all wrong of course.

We’re going to get rid of a few things. No more strange or complicated download processes. Away with the afterthought opt-ins. No more foggy experiences for your subscribers.

We’re clearing things up and getting started.

Deliver what you promised, with ease.

If you promised a PDF eBook download, send it. If you told them they would be getting a free webinar, give it to them. Simple enough, right?

If it were, this wouldn’t be a topic of discussion.

Because it’s not just about giving them what was promised, it’s about making it seamless, efficient and extremely quick.

If you’re going to be offering and delivering a resource, you can do one or both of these tactics:

  • Send it immediately after they signup from the thank you page
  • In the first email after signing up

Either way, the very first email they should get from you is their promised goods. If they receive another newsletter or email without their goods, that’s no good.

It shouldn’t be confusing or meticulous for them.

So how does this look in practice? I’m just going to make this up as I go, so fill in the steps with your own unique twists, opt-ins and CTA’s. But let’s look at a few examples of how this could be done:

Example 1


“Looking for a new and refreshing way to step up your email campaign? Throw your email in the box below to get our free eBook to learn all of the inside tips and tricks that will put your email process on autopilot”




Ok you have their email, now what? Include a thank you page — it’s not only a professional touch but it also lets them know that you received their request for a deliverable

After this, their eBook should be in the very first email they recieve. If there’s a link involved, make sure that the link is at the top. Don’t make them scroll past more information to find it. Make it clear. Make it simple.

Simple enough right?

Well it can be even simpler.

Example 2

Enter your info to receive a free “Put your email list on auto-pilot” eBook!
Sam@theguerilla.agencyDownload eBook Now!


In this model, you get their email, but they receive an instant download. Their deliverable is immediately available to them, no email, no fuss, just simple.

Just like in the previous model, you’re very first email should be the deliverable — this time with a message like:

“Hey Sam, hope you didn’t accidentally close out of your eBook! If you did, here’s the download again!”

You can fill it up with perhaps another chance for a deliverable or whatever else you decide.

Sure, there are other opt-in options — like with Convertkit.

They give you single and double opt in options to tool around and play with. You’re going to have to weigh the pros and cons, and decide what is best for your model.

The secret sauce of sequences

  1. Offer a deliverable for an email
  2. Email them the deliverable right away

Now you have their attention and their trust by delivering what your promised right away. Now it’s time to hook them in with more relevant and useful content while they’re engaged.  

  1. Create a sequence of subsequent emails that provide more value
  2. Celebrate

Email is one of those services that seems like it’s going away, but the truth is it can’t. Just like mailboxes and the post office still manage to exist in 2018, email is now an ingrained part of communication and delivery.

There are new and exciting ways to take advantage of this service happening every day. And it’s never too late to put your email list on autopilot.

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