Improve your Typography – 20 Exceptional Free Fonts

There is an old saying: “Give a dog an ill name and he’ll soon be hanged”. Transposing this wisdom to the field of website design, it is possible to say that the success/failure of a particular site is predefined by a number of factors, including a domain name, page layout, and even font, chosen for displaying the text on it. Use some dull font on your website, and it will successfully push your site into the myriad of faceless and monotonous sites in the web.

Remember, before you understand what is written, your eyes perceive the appearance of letters and start signaling your brains on whether it is attractive/interesting or not. That is why it is of crucial importance to make a proper choice of a font or typeface and fit into the concept of the particular project. Below we will show you some examples of fonts, ideal for certain styles of websites.


Distinguished, Refined and Elegant Fonts


Mabella Italic

SF Covington SC Cond Italic

Cardiff Bold Italic





Clean, Modern and Fresh Fonts


Yiggivoo Italic

JaguarJC BookItalic


Garrison Light Sans ITALIC



Friendly, Handwritten and Informal Fonts


The King & Queen font

Hawaii Lover

Vtks Beautiful Dreams

Flaemische Kanzleischrift

Blazing Italic


Grunge and Distorted Fonts






Vtks Desgaste