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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but, when it comes to web design, a picture is really worth a thousand customers. Quality, commercial photography is a vital part of your overall web site. Done correctly, photos create a connection and sense of trust between you and your visitors. 

The Guerrilla has identified five common do’s and don’ts regarding the use of photography on websites:

1. Don’t Use Stock Photos

Stock photos are a common option for many beginning websites. Stock photography is inexpensive, easy to use and can often convey the general message you want to convey. However, stock photos have a definite downside.

Stock images are easily recognized by users, and can create a lack of confidence in your company. After all, what are stock images really saying? They’re saying your business lacks the know-how, time or money to add professional, custom photos to your site. Plus, nothing prevents your competition from using the same stock photos you’re using, which certainly doesn’t help you stand out from the crowd. 

Do Use Custom Photos

Custom photos, taken specifically for your site, are immediately more appealing than stock photos. First, they’re unique to your site. Also, they’re able to showcase exactly what you want, instead of trying to find a stock photo which is “close enough.” 

Custom photos are beneficial to any type of business. Obviously, they’re ideal for a company which sells a physical product. They’re also great for a business which provides information, a virtual or any other type of service. In those instances, you want to display photographs of your team, your work environment and the like. 

2. Don’t Be a Faceless Organization

People trust other people. When they go to your website they want reassurances that real people exist on the other side. Many companies downplay this aspect of web design, or else skip it entirely.    

Do Show People Who You Are

No matter what the size of your Minneapolis organization is, you want to post high-quality, friendly headshots of key members of your team. If your company is large, you want photos of your top people, as well as any team members which the customers will have direct contact with. For a smaller Minneapolis organization, you can probably post photos of your entire team.

Generally speaking, potential clients and customers want to know that, if they have a question or concern, a real person will be available to help. Photographs and accompanying biographies of yourself and your staff offer effective reassure that you’ll be there when needed.

3. Don’t Take the Photos Yourself

Sometimes, a business will supply their own photos in order to save costs. However, unless you’re an expert photographer usually with a studio, this can be a risk. Blurry, grainy or otherwise bad photos will make your organization’s services view as amateurish. 

Do use a Commercial Photographer

A commercial photographer will be able to accomplish much more than an amateur. A professional is able to work with a graphic team, so the photographs of the site go hand-in-hand. 

Additionally, a professional photographer with experience will know how to best photograph both products and people. For products, studios will be able to create images which pop off the page. For people, a professional studio will be able to bring out the best in any subject and even food.

Plus, professional photographers are able to work with image editing software and otherwise speak the same language as the rest of the team.

4. Don’t Limit Photos to Just Your Website

While putting custom photos on your website is a great start, you also want to branch out. Your social media profile is an important part of your online presence. In many cases, your social media profiles will actually be viewed more than your site.

Do Include Photos in Your Social Media Posts

Social media posts are usually very brief. Sometimes a picture is all you need to get your message across. A team of professional Minneapolis photographers and social media experts will be able to create countless ways you can use photos in your social media blog posts to great success.  

5. Don’t Overdo It

This usually applies to pages that sell a product, especially larger ones such as tools or camping gear. While you want the user to see from multiple creative angles, so they can get a good sense of it, you also don’t want to flood your page with multiple photos of the same item. Too many pictures and people become overwhelmed. 

Do Find the Right Balance

A commercial photographer will know how to showcase an item with a minimal amount of photos. Often, a few key photos, accompanied by descriptive text, will give users a better sense than a mass of photos can. This another reason why a professional photographer is usually the best option; he or she will be able to work with a professional copywriter in order to create the most effective presentation possible. 


The web can feel pretty anonymous sometimes, and that works against many projects. Most users are inherently suspicious when it comes to making a purchase from someone they don’t know – especially someone who might live far away, and who can blame them?  

Photography benefits a website in two ways. First, they’re an excellent way to showcase a product you may be selling. Second, photographs help create a connection between you and your customer. When your customers can see the people who work at your company, they’re more likely to trust you. 

We have professional photographers and studios ready to develop custom photography for all your website needs. This includes photos of products, people and whatever else may be needed. These photographers work with my studio to create an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive project.

Whether you’d like us to re-design your entire web site or simply wish to update your existing site with new photos as a project, we can help. Call us today at (612) 987-0938 , or send an email – we can’t wait to get started!