How to Monetize Food Blogs with SEO Tips

Did you know monetizing your food blog doesn’t have to be difficult?

There are some simple techniques you can use to maximize the return on your investment in your blogs.

Let’s take a look at a few SEO tips on how you can best monetize food blogs.

Why Is Monetizing My Food Blogs Important?

Money is only a symbol. It’s useless paper until we add value to it.

But that value we place on it is important. And this symbol signifies many important milestones for your blog, including:

  • Reinforcement for your effort, time and the quality of your content
  • Support for your blog’s long-term vision
  • The value others see in your content and you as a competent and trustworthy blogger

Money is important because it brings with it a sense of excitement, sustainability, and empowerment for your goals.

SEO Tips to Monetize Food Blogs

Managing your own SEO can seem tedious and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. When you monetize food blogs, everything else seems to fall into place.

SEO Tips: Prioritize Great Content

Before you even consider trying to monetize your blog, focus on creating superior content. After all, you want to monetize food blogs because it supports you in making even greater content.

Perfect the art of engaging readers and making them hungry for more. Focus on building trust, competence, and reliability first. Gather a loyal following and offer them excellent content.

Give yourself some time to work many of the kinks out before switching to a money focus. And when you’re ready, you can get a great return on investment by using the remaining tips.

SEO Tips: Estimate the Cost For Short- and Longterm Functioning

How much does it cost to run your website? You can always opt for the free versions. But those usually don’t give you the options you need to become monetarily successful.

You’ve heard you have to spend money to make money. This what’s meant by that statement.

You can use a budget host, ask others who are where you want to be and look for the industry standard for your venture.

SEO Tips: Produce Ad Income

You’ll want a good strategy for generating income through advertisements.

But keep in mind this strategy will need to be flexible. It will need to evolve as your direction and growth evolves.

For Beginners

Starting out, you’ll want to find the most efficient and simple way to monetize your food blogs. This means focusing on covering all basic costs without worrying too much about anything beyond this.

There are online ad services available for ad creation. And you’ll be able to create the ads you want based on your personal preferences and the direction of your passion.

Advertisement Recommendations

Pick coloring and styles that are most reminiscent of your website theme.

Choose either a 160 X 600px or 300 X 250px ad to go on your sidebar. And pick the size of your header and footer wisely. Not so big that it’s annoying. And not so small it’s easily overlooked.

Stagger your ads. This way, your user won’t be bombarded with a bunch of ads trying to load at once.

When ads try to all load at the same time, it can significantly slow your user’s computer. Not a good first impression.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertisement is when you only pay when a person clicks on your ad. This very helpful in saving money and driving traffic to your site.

How to Gauge Your Ad Effectiveness

An ad placed in the lower section of your sidebar is often difficult for users to find. When your ad is positioned here, you’ll likely make about 20 cents for every 1,000 impressions per ad unit.

An ad placed above the fold in your sidebar typically has much better results. A good rule of thumb is placing ads within the top 750 pixels of the screen. Here, you’ll usually earn about 80 cents for every 1,000 impressions per ad unit.

You’ll earn approximately $4 if you get roughly 2,700 impressions for your site in a month. This amounts to about 88 impressions each day.

SEO Tips: Set Goals For How Many Ad Impressions You Want to Receive

A realistic goal to monetize food blogs is 155 impressions a day. Keep in mind this number includes all views. So, if a user scans 3 pages on your website, that’s 3 impressions right there.

Meet Me/Us Page

You’ll want to have an attractive Meet Me/Us page. Most viewers will want to check you out.

Be sure to have some helpful and engaging information on this page. And include every other person who writes for your blog.

SEO Tips: Enter Your Food Into Appropriate Foodie Sites

Entering your food to relevant sites can be highly beneficial as you work to monetize food blogs.

Keep up appearances by responding on other food sites, as well. Make comments, praises and observations. Demonstrate your dedication to the art of food preparation by staying engaged in commentary.

This SEO strategy is sure to bring satisfying results through exposure and increased traffic to your website.

Recipe Plug-Ins

You’ll want your recipes to be accessible through Google searches. So be sure to install recipe plug-ins that allows for visibility.

SEO Tips: Be Active and Consistent

You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping up appearances by regularly posting. Blogging is an art. An art that followers depend on and look forward to.

When you post regularly and consistently, your followers remain engaged. They begin to connect with you as a person and not just a blogger.

SEO Tips: Link Building Within Your Blogs

Sprinkle links to your products or services throughout your blog posts. Be sure to include a few external links too.

Remember, link building isn’t only about getting the users to your products. It’s also about giving them great content and helpful information. Be sure to connect them to links that meet their needs and interests.

Avoid unnecessary link building or irrelevant links. Periodically, click on the links you’ve inserted and remove any that no longer work.

Monetize Food Blogs With SEO Tips

Food is your passion. Food is your purpose. Food is your joy.

But it also needs to bring in money to support you as your blogging grows.

If you’re looking to better monetize your food blogs, check us out at SEO Crawler.