Web Designs Prices: Charging With Confidence

Pricing web design services has always been a problem for everyone in the beginning of their career. There is no standard price or baseline you can follow until you create one. Here you will learn tho charge with confidence, learn a couple of tips to find your rate, and see how others are doing it.

Many people ask themselves, “How much should I charge for this web design? I’m afraid to ask for too much and scare the client away, and I don’t want to charge just a little amount and do the work just for the experience. What do I do?”

The biggest problem with giving out prices at the beginning of your web design career is a simple fact that you don’t want to lose any clients. The hunger for work won’t be so beneficial to your pocket at the beginning. The client can smell your fear and the lack of confidence, that’s when you end up doing everything for nothing.

Here are a couple of things you can learn to get more confidence when you put your price on the table.

A Pretension Client Is Not Yet a Client

I like to say that a client is only an official client after you close the deal, until then it’s all pretension, and a lot of times they have bad intentions so don’t be afraid to ask for the right amount for your work. If they don’t like it, maybe they never meant to be your client, and you don’t lose anything except for a jerk that was trying to rip you off.

Learn To Say NO

If you approach a client being afraid to lose him before you start working with him chances are you are going to charge a lot less than you should. Learning how to say NO can be the first step to a better approach. If the budget is too low you have to learn how to say no to the job, there is always going to be a next client.

By saying no you are actually showing that you do good work and it’s not worth it for you to charge pennies for it. This act will give the trust of a good job even know you turning it down, and may bring him back around whenever he’s willing to pay the right price for a good job.

So here is the big question:

How much is your work worth?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect recipe for what you should charge, only time will give you the right formula to approach this problem. You have to understand that if the client doesn’t want to pay your price they are not good clients for you because on top of everything you charging for your work.

Here is a handpicked selection of the best articles you may consider reading before you find out the perfect rate for your work.

Check Out What Others Are Charging

Looking at what other people are charging is a good way to find a price range for your work, look at what they charge, and check their portfolio to see if you can do what they can do. If so, then why are you charging such low rates? Also, consider that they been around for some time and you haven’t.

David Zafra

$3,000 and under

Web Design Florida HQ

Charges from $3,000-$10,000

Agami Creative




This Mess

Charges from $25,000-$50,000
As you can see, websites can be a lot more expensive than you thought. To see more visit Haystack and check out the price that many studios and designers are charging.


The whole point of you having confidence in your price is that guarantee that you won’t charge less than you should. Design is and always been a profession where a lot of nonsense people take upon considering their self part of it and charging rates that are way too low of the reality.

If you know what you doing, charge the right amount for it, and don’t worry if a couple of clients turn you down because of your rates. Just like everything else some will love others will hate, it’s part of the business.