5 SEO Marketing Tactics to Target Millennials

The millennial generation has taken over.

They now outnumber baby boomers in the workforce and general size. Marketing to this group is essential to the survival of any business.

Do you want to grow your business and develop brand recognition with this tech-savvy crowd? Here are five SEO marketing tactics to target millennials and get them excited about your business.

1. Craft Useful Content

If you don’t have a blog on your website, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Blogs add content to your page, and content is king. It shows search engines that your page is active, making it useful to their customers.


Yes, customers. When developing an SEO strategy, think of the interaction between Google and web users as a transaction. Anyone who uses Google is a client. It is Google’s responsibility to make sure searchers are happy with the service they provide.

The best way to make their customers happy is sending them to a company or page that helps them. If you want Google to send people to you, give them what they want.

Blogs contain phrases that people search for, called keywords. SEO specialists research keywords, picking the most popular results and including them into articles.

You can see it in this blog. The keyword is SEO marketing tactics. Search engines will see it in this article.

The keyword notifies them that people searching for a similar phrase should come here for information. In other words, any time you see the phrase SEO marketing tactics, it’s a hello to Google.

You can do the same for your blog. Type a phrase into the Google search box, and let autocomplete do the rest. The suggestions offered are the most popular searches.

There are also free keyword research tools to help. Type in the subject that you’re writing about, and they will show you the top keywords people are using.

Add those keywords to your article without overdoing it. Share the articles from your blog on social media for maximum exposure.

2. Social Media

You can’t have a discussion about SEO marketing tactics without talking about social media.

You’ve heard about the new generations reliance upon Facebook and Twitter for information. Why not use their love for social media to your advantage?

There are a few advantages to this approach. First, it reaches the audience you are targeting.

Almost 60% of millennials use Facebook on a daily basis. 25% of them use Twitter on a regular basis.

By advertising on these sites, you can draw in visitors to your web page, boosting your SEO score. Television and newspaper ads aren’t as useful for targeting specific groups.

Taking out an ad in a paper that has a readership of 200,000 doesn’t mean everyone will see it. Facebook and Twitter allow you to target your message.

The second advantage is the ability for users to share information.

Let’s say you get an ad campaign that creates visits to your web page. If there is useful, current content on the page, millennials will likely share this information with friends.

You are now advertising to a larger audience. Your SEO score rises through visitors and links to your page. For a small price, you’ve raised your exposure to people targeted by the ad!

3. SEO Marketing Tactics Millennials Can Access on the Go

Walk into any coffee shop or mall in America. You will see why mobile-friendly websites are essential for businesses.

Mobile devices are overtaking home computers as the main source for online access.

This change in user tendencies is why Google released an update in 2015. The new rules punish companies if their pages aren’t cellphone and tablet compatible.

Dubbed Mobilepocalypse by some of the less than optimistic SEO media, it changed SEO overnight. Being mobile-friendly will raise your rankings in online searches. It also ensures that visitors don’t bounce off your page.

Studies show consumers are only willing to give a website two seconds to load before abandoning ship.

Not only does this affect your bottom line, but your SEO score as well. If people leave your page immediately, search engines assume it’s because you didn’t have what they needed.

4. Don’t Mix Sales and SEO

Millennials are more interested in gathering information before making a purchase. SEO marketing tactics that target millennials focus on information.

Informative content will build trust and authority. If someone visits a blog about lowering car insurance rates, they will feel misled if the entire article is a sales pitch.

Instead, spend 90% of the article giving out information. In the conclusion, give the reader a call to action.

A CTA can be signing up for a newsletter or contacting the company for more information. This strategy builds trust and plants the seed for future interaction.

CTAs also lead to more clicks on your page, raising your SEO score. It’s a win for everyone involved.

5. Use Video On Your Page

Video is taking over traditional searches. By 2019, it’s projected that video will make up 80% of web traffic.

Add video to your web page by posting short summaries of articles in blogs. For example, if you have a legal website, have a lawyer record a quick 2-minute video talking about the implications of a new law.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, as well. Post a video on the about us page of people around the office. Videos build a higher SEO score puts faces to your business.

Millennials are distrustful of companies. Humanizing your business helps customers see the people behind the product or service.

Make sure the videos included on your web page doesn’t slow down loading times. Remember, high-speed websites are an essential part of SEO marketing tactics.

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