Avoid “Content Amnesia”: How to Create Content Readers Remember

Your content should connect with your reader.

Ideally, your target audience will see your content, read through it quickly and come away with new, actionable information they can use to improve their personal or professional lives.

The problem is there’s a lot of content out there. Sticking out from the pack isn’t an easy task. Even if your content is read today, it may be forgotten tomorrow.

This called “Content Amnesia.”

How Memorable is Your Content?

Research suggests that people forget up to 90% of all content they read. Thisn’t nearly as far-fetched as it may sound. Do you remember that last piece of content you read about your industry (well, not counting this one)?

You might remember that article just fine, but do you remember what articles you read last week? Last month? What articles have stuck with you enough that you took actionable steps because of what you read?

When a reader takes action based on your content, they’ll often form a favorable impression of your brand.

Here what you should do to make your content more memorable:

Take a Stand

There’s a great fear among content creators about being offensive. In some ways, this fear is justified. You don’t want to create content which is in poor taste or hostile. Contrary to the popular expression, not all publicity is good publicity.

However, there’s a big difference between content which sets out to offend and content which takes a definite stance on an issue. Too many marketers err so far on the side of non-controversial that they end up with bland content readers simply aren’t interested in.

Let’s say you run a pool supply company. Here are two topics you can publish:

  • The Pros and Cons of Above-Ground Pools
  • Above-Ground Pools Will KILL Your Lawn. Here’s Why:

The first headline is pretty generic. The second one has a very definite point-of-view and sounds far more intriguing.

The best part about having a strong opinion? Even people who disagree with you will often read through you content, just to learn more about your ideas.

If you ever do run into a situation where you’re accidentally too controversial, The Positive Way to Deal with Negative PR is an excellent resource to find help.

Be Personable

No matter what product or service you provide, you’ll likely have competition. In many cases, your competitor’s wares will be similar to your own. But there’s one thing your competitor absolutely doesn’t have: You.

Add personal stories and anecdotes to your content. Give readers a sense of who you are and why you love the product or service you provide. If people feel like they know you personally, they’re far more likely to see you as trustworthy and reputable.

Find a Unique Angle

Avoid the same ol’ same ol’ by finding a unique take on your topic. Do you have a new way to accomplish an old goal? A solution to a persistent problem that no one else has discovered?

Another way to find a unique take is to relate your topic to something current in pop culture. Maybe a character or plot point in a popular TV show or movie somehow related to your brand. This not only makes your content unique, but also fresh.

Dress up Your Content with Videos and Images

While written content will be the meat of your blog posts, you’ll want to add some visual flair with a few images or even a video. Infographics are also a great way to convey complicated information in an engaging, straightforward manner.

Create Killer Headlines

People have short attention spans, especially online. From the moment someone first notices your content, you only have a few seconds to grab their interest.

A well-written headline is a valuable tool. You want to convey what problem your reader is likely having and how your blog offers a solution. Don’t be too specific with your solution, however. The mystery is what will draw the reader into the article.

Content which is remembered is content which converts. The tips above are all proven ways to create content which leaves a lasting impression. How do you create memorable blog posts and articles? Share your tips with us below:

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