Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing: A Guide to Optimizing Your Business Presence

LinkedIn is one of the most important B2B marketing platforms available. According to the LinkedIn marketing blog, 80 percent of B2B social media leads are established through the site. With robust sponsored content options and resources that increase your visibility on the site, marketing strategists see measurable results and lead generation that helps establish your brand as an industry expert.

Lead generating is perhaps the strongest suit LinkedIn offers. The site was established as a business networking community, and there is a strong correlation between hooking an audience and presenting a highly professional yet inviting place to talk shop.

Both a company page and personal LinkedIn pages can be incorporated into the strategy. CEOs and staff alike are assets to creating brand awareness for the business page and will give a human face to the company.

LinkedIn is where you’ll be able to leave behind the pressures of other forms of social media and hone in on whatever it is you do as a business. This where you can be the most genuine, particularly if you’re a B2B organization since there isn’t the added pressure of mixing up content and showing people your lighter side.

That being said, there are still strategies and protocols that should be followed to increase how effective your LinkedIn marketing is. Take a look at this brief guide, which introduces a few LinkedIn marketing best practices.

  1. Join lots of groups. Then participate actively in them.

Seek relevant spaces to share industry knowledge. LinkedIn groups are excellent places to emerge as a reliable expert, and creating a group of your own can solidify your role as a leader. When participating in groups, bring authenticity and conversation rather than sales pitches. Networking on LinkedIn is just that, a way to meet other professionals and stand out as someone others can look to for advice or information.

Determine which groups will accommodate your business needs best, and stick with them. Create your own groups as well, but make sure you play an active role in maintaining them. It’s also a good idea to check how active a group is before joining since LinkedIn shows that information. Look for groups that are thriving and have regular activity as opposed to dormant ones.

  1. Use organic brand awareness to boost your presence

What boosting your brand on LinkedIn comes down to is how well you utilize the space provided by LinkedIn. When creating a company page profile, be sure to have all of the fields thoroughly filled out and utilize all of the features. Showcase your products using the platform’s Showcase Pages, and upload videos, presentations, and webinars. Post articles frequently, and provide a thorough commentary to support them. As always, keep up with analytics to gauge successes and misses. By creating a narrative for your brand, you gain recognition and solidify your presence among customers.

  1. Use fewer automated processes on LinkedIn

When the leadership of a brand is naturally engaging and participating in the LinkedIn community, the company’s presence becomes more real and authentic. The use of automated marketing will rob your company of the personalized touch that your prospective clients and other business connections want to see. It’s optimal when staff and people in leadership roles across the company take part in contributing to the company page through personal pages since it paints a more robust portrait of the business as a whole.

  1. Make use of LinkedIn’s the paid content ads and company sponsored updates

Paid ad content is a feature of LinkedIn that has high success rates for organic reach and conversions. Dynamic ads are available to reach precise targets, while display ads are banners that are comparable to, and apparently more effective than Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. You can play around with targeting specific elements of your website, and the analytics help track where leads and conversions are coming from specifically.