Why You Should Hire a Professional Marketing Agency for Your Online Brand

Brands have benefited from professional press releases for over 100 years. Press releases help promote new products, connect with new audiences, manage your reputation during a crisis and more.

Press Releases can have a big, positive impact on your business. But they need to be carefully crafted for success. You’ll get the best results if you let professional prepare your press releases. Here’s why:

They Speak the Language

Your press releases need to reach journalists and other media professionals. The problem is those people are usually very busy. Press releases which don’t have to be extensively re-written are more likely to be used.

You want your press releases to be ready for professional publication. For the most part, this means using A.P. Style.  These are the style guidelines used by a majority of print publications both online and off. A professionally written press release is easy to simply paste into an online publication.

They Know Who to Connect With

Press releases have more online distribution avenues than ever before. There are three large categories for press release distribution:

  • Mainstream media outlets such as news networks and major newspapers
  • Niche publications such as trade journals and more offbeat publications
  • Press release wire services

The five top wire services in the U. S. are Business Wire, PRWeb, PrimeNewswire, PR Newswire and Marketwire.

Along with more avenues for press releases, there’s also more competition. Thousands of press releases are sent out every day.

A professional PR agency will identify which online publications and wire services are the best ones to focus on. There’s no need to just send press releases into the void of the internet. Instead, a PR agency will identify the publications which will be the most receptive to your message.

Targeted press campaigns are far more likely to be effective. Ideally, you can even develop a long-term relationship between brand publication.

They Write for People and Search Engines

Online press release campaigns have the added element of search engine optimization. When crafting a press release, you want to include appropriate keywords in your content. This helps search engines connect your brand with your industry.

Even if a press release isn’t picked up by a major publication, brands still benefit from posting releases across the various PR wire services. Starting two years ago Google began listing “company statements” as part of the News section. This means a well-written, SEO-friendly press release helps boost your brand’s presence in the search results.

Of course, press releases aren’t just for search engines. Your ultimate goal is to connect with potential customers. A professional will be able to tailor your press releases to two different groups of people:

  • Your most likely potential customers
  • The audience of the publication you’re approaching

Obviously, those two audiences will have a lot of overlap. The right press release will interest those interested in your niche or industry while also showcasing the specific benefits of your product.

They’re Ready for a Crisis

You want a relationship with PR professionals in case your brand ever has a public relations problem. Sometimes accidents happen. Your product might find itself in the news for not-great reasons.

A public relations team who already understands your brand will be able to respond quickly to help inform the public while mitigating damage to your brand.

While they may seem a little old-fashioned, press releases are still THE best way for a brand to communicate with the public. From increasing sales to helping prevent public relations fiascos, professionally written press releases play an important role in helping a business success online.