40 Delightful Pieces of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography is the art of blurring or bending the perspective of the camera so that everyday, life-size objects look delightfully miniature. Here are 40 great examples of just that form of photography, both for inspiration and fun!

1. Tibidabo – Barcelona


2. China Tilt Shift 2

China Tilt Shift 2

3. China Tilt Shift 3

China Tilt Shift 3

4. China Tilt Shift 1

China Tilt Shift 1

5. Fix Your Eye

Fix Your Eye

6. Mini B-More

Mini B-More

7. Gherkin Tilt-Shift

Gherkin Tilt-Shift

8. River Thames Tilt-Shift

River Thames Tilt-Shift

9. Terracotta Warriors Tilt Shift

Terracotta Warriors Tilt Shift

10. Macau Tilt Shift

Macau Tilt Shift

11. Tilt-Shift Photography Trial I

Tilt-Shift Photography Trial I

12. First Try at Tilt-Shift Photography

First Try at Tilt-Shift Photography

13. Tilt Shift Test

Tilt Shift Test

14. I Live in a Dollhouse

I Live in a Dollhouse

15. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

16. Tilt-Shift Photo Technique 3

Tilt-Shift Photo Technique 3

17. Tuscany


18. Model Boats

Model Boats

19. Miniature Pumpkins on the Behance Network

Miniature Pumpkins on the Behance Network

20. Tilt Shift Effect

Tilt Shift Effect

21. Mockery of Tilt-Shift

Mockery of Tilt-Shift

22. Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-Shift Photography

23. Tilt-Shift Seaplane

Tilt-Shift Seaplane

24. Tilt-Shift Fake

Tilt-Shift Fake

25. Tilt-Shift 01

Tilt-Shift 01

26. JAPAN Tilt-Shift

JAPAN Tilt-Shift

27. Sydney Miniatures

Sydney Miniatures

28. Fake Miniature

Fake Miniature

29. Vatican Toy

Vatican Toy

30. It Feels Like Something

It Feels Like Something

31. Tilt-Shift Photography 01

Tilt-Shift Photography 01

32. Tilt-Shift Photography 02

Tilt-Shift Photography 02

33. Tilt-Shift Photography 03

Tilt-Shift Photography 03

34. LjubljanaTS


35. Inside the Texas Capitol

Inside the Texas Capitol

36. Sydney Miniatures No.3

Sydney Miniatures No.3

37. Manchester City vs Fulham

Manchester City vs Fulham

38. NHL in Montreal

Its a Small World Tilt-Shift 01

39. Ants, Dubai

Its a Small World Tilt-Shift 02

40. Niagara Falls

Its a Small World Tilt-Shift-03