5 Reasons to Mobilize Your Website

More so than ever before, people are visiting websites via small digital devices. From smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone to tablet computers like the iPad, mobile consumer electronics now comprises a robust industry, to the tune of over 5 billion customers or subscribers. Thus owning a desktop or laptop computer is no longer the only way to visit a website. As a small business owner, gaining and retaining a sizeable online clientele is especially crucial. Here are five great reasons to mobilize your website:

Mobile Websites Are Faster

The ideal small business web development team always takes the site’s load speed on mobile devices into consideration. Websites designed with mobile devices in mind tend to load very fast since the average mobile website is stripped down to basic graphics and the most essential information. Usually, it takes about four to five seconds to pull up a mobilized webpage. On the other hand, a website that uses the same layout on computers for mobile devices can take up to 10 times the amount of time to load.

Mobile Websites Are More Convenient

Another great reason to mobilize your website is the convenience of navigation. People should be able to find information quickly, immediately, and at the right places. That’s because mobile users—virtually on the go—are more likely to have less time to browse and search for what they need than people sitting in front of a computer. It also helps that mobile sites are also faster to load.

Mobile Websites Are Easier to Read on Mobile Devices

A website that looks good on desktops or laptops does not necessarily look as good on mobile devices. That’s because web design has to take each and every type of electronic device into account. Indeed, websites designed specifically for larger devices—such as desktop and laptop computers—do not look great on mobile devices. The text is much smaller, and the device might not have the power to handle the website’s functions. Thus, the ideal small business web design crafts a mobile website that tailors the text and functionality according to the device’s general capabilities.

Mobile Websites Can Boost Your Online Presence

With a mobile website, you increase your chances of growing your online brand. Search engines like Google are well aware of the growing number of mobile device users, and as a result, they reward businesses and webmasters that have mobile-friendly websites. Also worth considering is the well-established presence of social media. Millions of people share links on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter—an activity that is great for search engine optimization, or SEO. If you want to drive traffic to your website via social media, your website has to be readable on any device.

Mobile Websites Are the Future

It can’t be ignored forever. More and more people are going on mobile devices for access to the Internet, and industry analysts predict that they would soon usurp desktop and laptop computers as the standard for online activity. So, it’s best to adopt mobilizing your website sooner than later.

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