UI/UX and SEO Best Practices

With the Google rules frequently changing, it can have a major impact on your company’s rankings. Did you know the overall user experience can impact your SEO? It is important to focus on creating a site that is not only built to help the search engines index it but to create a site that the customers want to visit.

People are looking for ways to improve their websites, but many are going about it the wrong way. Users want websites that are valuable to them in some way. What can you do to improve your website design? Here are some of the things that the search engines are taking into account.

Website Navigation

Do you have a clean, crisp website design? How hard is it for your users to get around the site? Are the load times slow? If the information is hard to find, people will leave the website. These are some of the factors Google will use when they score your website. A bad experience on a website can force people to leave the site and it will hurt your rankings.

Follow Webmaster Guidelines

There are specific webmaster guidelines you need to follow if you want to stay in Google’s good graces. One of the most important rules is to create pages for the reader, not the search engine. If a page is built around the search engine, the user will be unable to gain value from it.

The first Google Panda update started in February 2011, and since that time they have been destroying rankings for the low-quality sites. The Hummingbird update Google is using will help them understand the intent of the website and the intent of the user.

Focus on Dwell Time

How much time do visitors spend on your website? If people are not on your website for a significant amount of time, it will hurt your rankings.

When a person clicks back from your site after a second, it shows the search engines your website doesn’t have the information they want. If a person stays on the site for two minutes or longer, it shows the search engines your site is valuable to them.

Tracking Clicks

One of the things that Google does is track user data through Chrome. They know about every single click a person is making. The data they track allows Google to see how people are using your website. What pages are they clicking on? Are they getting lost on your website? If you are in violation of their webmaster practices, they will penalize you for it.

Links to Your Site

You need to bring organic search results and results from links. People need to like your content enough to add a link to their site, or social media page. When you gain natural, earned links, it boosts your website rankings.

There are several ways to gain links, but the best practice is to form relationships with other website owners of authority websites. Asking them to use your link in a blog page or product review pages is a great way to gain visibility and a credible link. Use the right tools to help you improve your website content and navigation if you want to see an improvement in your website rankings.

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